5 easy steps to increase your blog or website rank

5 easy steps to increase your blog or website rank

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Mansi Rana

Mansi Rana

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If you have a website or a blog which you want to rank easily, then there are a few steps, you need to follow. Any of the top SEO companies in India can help you, but you should know them yourself too, including having a design that is search engine optimised and user friendly. Continue reading to find out more about how to reach the highest possible ranking for your site using a few steps that you can get help for or do yourself.


Steps for increasing your website/blog rank

If your website or blog isn’t at the top of the ranking, here are some tips for you to follow or ask your SEO company to follow to reach the highest rank: 


1. SEO friendly blog design/website  

You need to make sure that the blog design/website that you are using needs to be friendly and high quality. You are also going to want to make sure that all of your important content is on the first part of the page without the readers having to scroll down to find out what they need. Another thing to focus on is keeping the number of any given links found on your page to under 100 because otherwise, it would look busy. Also, create some archives in a manner that will make it easier for the readers to find what they are looking for while ensuring that the page is quick to load.


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2. Blog post optimisation

The next thing that you are going to want to focus on is optimising your blog posts and that can be done by choosing a keyword or phrase that you are going to be focusing on. This means that you are going to want to look at what the readers are interested in seeing like common questions for your industry, hot trends and much more. Make sure that you are using your keywords a few times, but that you are aren’t spamming it.


3. Plugins

Depending on what blogging platform you are going to be using, ideally, you would want to use some of the plugins that they offer. All of these plugins will help to make optimising the content that you are creating easier, so make sure to see what is available and what would help you get your job done faster.


4. Create backlinks

It is important to ensure that you are getting backlinks since these connections are extremely crucial. The more links you can get, then the higher your authority would be in your industry, so make sure to get high-quality ones. This would be important and you can use directories, social media and many other avenues to find what you need without buying anything.


5. Be consistent

The last thing that you need to do when it comes to your blog/website is being consistent. You should make sure that you are posting regularly and at the same time. This would allow the readers to know about the timings that you would be posting so they can come and see if you have written anything new. This is important, so make sure that once you are stating that you are posting frequently.

Following these easy tips is going to ensure that you are reaching the top rank. Ensure that these methods are being used for your website or even your blog so that you can rise above your competition and get the customers that you want and deserve.


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Go ahead and make sure that you are working with the best SEO company that can help you with all of this. Just because you are hiring the experts doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t know what can be done in terms of design and not only user friendly but also search engine optimisation friendly. Also, you need to be posting blogs regularly once you start and you need to find the right keywords and topics that your readers are interested in finding out about. You can also look for affordable SEO packages that will fit your business budget and will help to grow your blogs/website.


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