7 Leadership Priorities for 2023

7 Leadership Priorities for 2023

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Amy Radin

Amy Radin

80 week ago — 2 min read

The past year brought to all of us the challenge and opportunity of further shifts in the economy and talent market.  
What are your proudest 2022 achievements? What's on your mind as you begin the new year? If you must innovate, and want to grow professionally, then keep this list close at hand.
Here is the list of 2023 priorities I’ve developed for myself, and for fellow pathfinders, catalysts, and change makers -- seven priorities that are essential now.

  1. Invest in learning, starting with having a plan including no more than three focus areas

  2. Invest in relationships – with people who share your values, and who bring joy

  3. Stay true to a distinct purpose as a pathfinder, catalyst and change maker

  4. Be clear on the business problems being solved, and for whom

  5. Listen to the market and watch for signals – among influencers, customers, prospects, and your wider network

  6. Deliberately design go-to-market offerings that meet market needs

  7. Keep a balance between personal and professional commitments 

I’ll keep this list posted in my workspace, so it stays top-of-mind even on the busiest days. 
What’s on your list for 2023? I’d welcome understanding your priorities as they can inform my journey, and help ensure my content is always useful, timely and relevant.
Be well, stay safe, and best of luck charting your path in this new, new normal.

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