How being likeable can win you more clients

How being likeable can win you more clients

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Suraj Rengan

Suraj Rengan

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Summary: Have you ever wondered if people like you or not? Don’t we all naturally gravitate towards people we like and admire? Your ‘likeability’ quotient to a large extent determines your ability to win clients or close a deal. To succeed in business, being professional and proficient is of course necessary, but being likeable builds the foundation for enduring goodwill and trust. GlobalLinker member Suraj Rengan shares tips to make you more likeable in all business interactions.

Let's face it, being likeable can have a dramatic positive impact on your life and business. For instance, as a financial advisor, you might have immense experience and product knowledge, but if clients don’t like you, they won’t be able to trust you with their investments. To be a successful financial advisor requires more than just helping people attain their monetary objectives. You need to work on being likeable. And this holds true for professionals in any business. When clients decide to entrust you with their financial details, they constantly ask themselves if you are worthy of the task and whether they will enjoy working with you or not. Prospects won’t select you to do business only because you are proficient, they will choose you because you are likeable, skilled and trustworthy. 


Being affable is not a tough thing to achieve. Below are some tips that can help you develop a more likeable personality.

Listen carefully

Most people are always in a hurry to speak their mind. But it’s a good practice to listen first and then wait for your turn to speak. Specially, when you are meeting a prospective client for the very first time. Respect what the client has to say, stay calm and polite and you will certainly be perceived as a friendly person. Listening attentively also shows that you are interested in understanding your client’s requirements.

You must have heard people say that 'a smile doesn’t cost a dime’. True to the saying, a smile has the power to light up people’s hearts. Therefore, smile more and every once in a while, sincerely compliment others on their achievements.

Be confident

Self-confidence plays a big role in being likeable. If prospects feel that you have low self-esteem, they might doubt your other capabilities too. Even if a financial expert is competent but lacks confidence, clients won’t be able to trust him/her easily. Be optimistic and work on improving your confidence.

Be honest

Develop trustworthiness by expressing honest opinions. Include statements in your conversations which indicate that you care about the other person. Make your clients realise that they are your top-most priority and you will be there to guide them through all the ups and downs. Make an effort to build a genuine bond with your clients.

These methods if used in the right place and at the right time, can make you a more likeable person.  Eventually you will be able to establish a strong connection with your clients and prospects. And once that is done, gaining the trust and confidence of clients won’t be difficult.


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