Self-reflection can make you a better entrepreneur

Self-reflection can make you a better entrepreneur


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

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Summary: Self-reflection or introspection can be a powerful tool for entrepreneurs to understand themselves better as well as get valuable business insights.


It is commonly said, “For an entrepreneur, there is no time off.” It goes almost without saying that the life of an entrepreneur is busy, from morning, till night. Weekends too can be ways of getting some extra work in or a time for firefighting and grappling with the latest issues to affect the fortunes of your firm. The issues keep coming up and there really is no escaping the clarion call of work.

Given all this, it may come as a surprise that taking regular time out to ‘introspect’ could be the game changer that helps you in realising your vision and achieving your goals. Of course, the work will obviously have to get done, and the environment will always be throwing up things to deal with. But it is that special time taken for reflection that gives you an insight into yourself, your capacities and strengths that can help you direct your efforts more clinically towards achieving your goal.

A clearer path to your destination is in sight, and introspection or looking within is the key. Here is how reflection can help you:

1. Put things in perspective - Being an entrepreneur is like being caught in maelstrom. There is no respite from issues clamouring for attention and there is never a shortage of things to do in your bid to achieve growth. However, taking time out to reflect can help give a much-needed perspective on you and your enterprise. Where you stand, where resources are being allocated, where they could better be allocated and identifying what concrete steps you can take towards moving towards your vision. There is merit to navigating the daily storm, week after week, but having perspective can guide you out of the storm onto the path leading to your destination.


2. Discover what you value - This is more about self-development. Over time, as we grow, the things we want and need change. Larger things like goals can acquire new meaning and new goals might become important to us. An entrepreneur who started a company and is willing to give all their time and energy to it initially, may find that spending time with family now that he or she has children is a priority that may have equal importance. Similarly, an entrepreneur whose goal was to create and then sell a company with a multi-million-dollar valuation might find that they want to continue to build the company even after achieving that valuation, given that their heart and soul is now invested in it.

Priorities change with time but being busy all the time often leaves little time to process those changes and identify how goals or preferences may have changed. Periodically taking time to reflect can help you as an entrepreneur stay true to your constantly evolving self.


3. Engender a sense a calm - Reflection helps us see how things are, where they are headed and where we want them to go. At a deeper level, reflection can help us reconcile our ambition with our failures, understand our insecurities and make us stronger mentally and emotionally. We all have inner demons to contend with and entrepreneurs, arguably, take on more risk than most by choosing to start and run companies. That can really raise stress levels. The demands of work, the ups and downs of daily life, will all be easier to deal with periods of reflection sometimes. There is no substitute for a sense of calm and having it can prepare you for almost anything that lies ahead.


4. Reboot and re-energise - With a plethora of issues to contend with and the occasional crisis taking up an inordinate amount of time and mind-space, an entrepreneur might find that their motivation flags from time to time. This sense of fatigue can be overwhelming, and given that you are your own boss, there may not be an external figure who can motivate you. A time for reflection, can give you a sense of wellbeing and provide a foundation for rebooting your brain and spirit. There will be a re-energised you, capable of taking on the challenges that your business presents, while all the while focusing on growth.


The virtues of reflection have been outlined here. These are but a few of the benefits that a concerted effort at introspection can have. The external world is filled with challenges and opportunities. Having a clear mind can be a game changer in your journey. The rest will fall into place and you will find you have the energy to take on the challenges and make the most of your opportunities.

Your vision is in your grasp. Look within, reflect and tap your inner strength and be true to yourself.

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