Setting up Facebook live chat on your online store

Setting up Facebook live chat on your online store


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

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Do you want to engage with your online store visitors? Then this article is for you. 


Facebook is no longer just an app where you can socially catch up with friends. With Facebook messenger you can chat live with your friends. In fact, Facebook Messenger can be leveraged as a robust tool for eCommerce.


According to Statista, there are now 1.3 billion monthly active Facebook Messenger users worldwide. Facebook messenger’s live chat feature is unbeatable when it comes to customer support. It helps you to provide live, instant, and personalised customer support, which is exceptionally significant to not only surge customer satisfaction but also boost conversion rates.


How to add Facebook chat to your online store?

Here are two videos for you to set up Facebook live chat on your This includes two main steps, which are: 

  1. Setting up Google Tag Manager on your store
  2. Submit Facebook Chat Plugin code to your Google Tag Manager Account


Before we move ahead, you will have to create an account on Google Tag Manager.


How to set up your Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager (GTM)helps supports the plugin to your; along with this, Google Tag Manager benefits your online store in many ways; stay tuned to find out more. Speaking about Google Tag Manager, watch the video below to know how to create your account and integrate it with your



How to submit Facebook chat code to your GTM account?

Once the GTM Tag Manager ID is added to your store, you’re ready to enable Facebook Live chat to your



Advantages of integrating Facebook live chat to your online store 

1. Ability to offer immediate support to customers


2. Real-time communication with customers


3. Boosts conversions 


4. Customers feel a personal connection with the brand


Real-time consumer interaction is a crucial part of your overall shopper’s journey. Not only that, it boosts your customer support efforts and has untapped potential for increasing conversions. Facebook Messenger is one of the most versatile and popular messaging apps today, and it’s time to leverage this live chat capability for your eCommerce store.



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