The Secret Saboteur

The Secret Saboteur


Rinku Sawhney

Rinku Sawhney

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Summary: We all want to succeed. But often our own limiting beliefs are the greatest obstacle on the path to success. The secret saboteur or the limiting beliefs of the mind can inhibit us from reaching our full potential. Understand this phenomenon, and learn how to overcome it.


Do you believe in overnight success?


I don’t, but there are definitely people who seem to have the ‘midas touch’. They seem to have an unbelievable ability to achieve their goals, whatever they are, wherever they are. Even these people don’t become successful overnight, because success is a process and a continuous journey. It’s not a destination.

So, what sets these people apart from most people in the world who seem to be struggling for the ever so elusive success? If you look deeper there is one main ‘key’ that is a common thread among these people, and this ‘key’ is that they have chosen to eject that ‘Secret Saboteur’ from their system.

So, who is this ‘Secret Saboteur’? It is the saboteur that is sitting in the minds of all us humans. The main task of this saboteur is that it sabotages our success.


So, who is this ‘Secret Saboteur’ and which system are we talking about. The system that I am talking about is our ‘mind’, which is the workshop where all our dreams can be brought alive. So much has been researched and written about the power of our minds; that it can accomplish anything and everything; that it is the most powerful entity; then why is it not producing the results that we want. The simple reason is, ‘The Secret Saboteur’ sitting inside it. Yes, there is this so called saboteur that is sitting in the minds of all us humans. The main task of this saboteur is, that it sabotages our success. The moment we dream of accomplishing a long cherished dream before our powerful mind can start working on making it a reality, this saboteur kicks in and starts saying things like:

  • “What if you fail?”

  • “You are really not good enough. What makes you think you can create something as big as this?”

  • “Remember how you lost all your savings when you tried last time. History will repeat itself, so stop acting like a fool.”

  • “You are too small and unfit for this. It’s out of bounds. Are you living in a fantasy world?”

The ‘Secret Saboteur’ will start all these conversations in your mind and your mind will end up believing that it’s not possible, and so you will never take any action in that direction. If you haven’t accomplished your desirable goals yet, ask yourself, why not? It’s all thanks to Mr Saboteur.

Oftentimes we blame unforeseen circumstances, misfortune, our past or other people for our failures and shortcomings. These are behaviours that Mr Saboteur triggers in us. Mr Saboteur has only one mission and that is to sabotage our success at any cost and make us our own worst enemy. All our limiting beliefs, paradigms, negative thought-patterns, fears, worries, doubts etc. that stop us, are recorded in Mr Saboteur. This causes us to become a self-saboteur. We are the only one standing in our way to success. It’s not the circumstances, it’s not the lack of knowledge, money or time, it’s not the people around that sabotages our success. It’s the man or the woman you meet, when you look in the mirror, who is sabotaging your happiness, your dreams, your success.

Statistics reveal that only 1 out of 10 people are successful. Which means only 10% of people are the few successful people who seem to have it all, on this planet. What’s the distinguishing factor? It’s simple, these people have learnt the art of ejecting Mr Saboteur. So, when there is no Saboteur sitting in your ‘All Powerful Mind’, whatever instructions you give your mind, it will go and create it for you. Amitabh Bachchan, Steve Jobs, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Saina Nehwal and so many more, are legends because they have learnt the art, the skill of ejecting Mr Saboteur. I call this skill “Mastering Self”.

Our mind is our best friend and our secret weapon to creating unprecedented success in our lives. All we need to do is to learn the art of mastering it.


I would like to conclude with a simple yet beautiful quote from the Buddha.


“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”


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