This Diwali Ask Yourself These Questions

This Diwali Ask Yourself These Questions


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

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Diwali is here - the season of celebrations where we focus on family, thank the higher powers and spread cheer and joy around us. Like many other festivals, it is a great time to remind us about the important aspects of life. Through myth, mythology and rituals, we are taught about conquering evil, the triumph of light over darkness, cleaning homes and offices for the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi. Many of these learnings can also be applied to entrepreneurs when it comes to running and re-examining their businesses.

Sounds intriguing? Let’s explore how.


1. Are you defeating the habits that pull you down?

Diwali is symbolic of victory of good over evil. The deeper significance is to look within and defeat the tendencies that keep you from living up to your full potential. As GlobalLinker member Shalini Sridhar shares, “A bad habit that most business owners are guilty of is trying to do everything by themselves. Granted the company you create is your baby and you want to run it with the best possible intentions. But without delegation, you take on too much and this can again lead to burnout. Learning to delegate certain tasks promotes motivation and collaboration."


Diwali is symbolic of victory of good over evil. The deeper significance is to look within and defeat the tendencies that keep you from living up to your full potential. 


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2. Have you spring cleaned your business?

Is it just your home or office that deserves a fresh coat of paint or could your business do with some spring cleaning too? Think about it— is your brand appealing, content fresh, customer engagement ongoing and social media strategy relevant to your target audience? If any of these ingredients require some overhaul, take a step back, assess areas for improvement and then go ahead make the changes required. In the words of an accomplished entrepreneur, “Entrepreneurship means a bird’s eye view and a ‘hands on deck’ approach!”


3. Is your path lit up with knowledge?

Knowledge is the weapon of entrepreneurs. It could be greater insights about your market, research and rigorous testing to better your product or upgrading your own knowledge and skills. Make this the time to assess if there are any knowledge gaps and then do your best to fill them. Read relevant books, sign up for an online course, connect with peers in your network for knowledge-sharing. The quest to keep the flame of learning burning bright will light up your business path.


4. What is your unique story?

The story of Ram and his epic clash with Ravana is timeless. Year after year we revisit this legendary tale because it reinforces the idea that the path to victory may not be easy, but the journey itself positively transforms many lives and leads to glory. As an entrepreneur you are the lead protagonist of your business tale and this story deserves to be told. Sharing your business story reminds you of why you started and inspires many other. If you have an interesting business story to share, answer this questionnaire and we will feature it as part of our SME Inspirations series.


Wishing you a glorious and meaningful Diwali!


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