Tips to stay motivated as a small business owner

Tips to stay motivated as a small business owner


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

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Summary: It's not easy staying motivated when you're your own boss. It's tough to balance the handling of the day-to-day activities while making sure you achieve all your long terms. Here are some tips to stay motivated as you continue the journey towards business success.


Dreamers and doers are not two different types of people. All the best entrepreneurs are bit of both,” says Mandy McEwen. Sustained motivation is a key ingredient for a small business owner on their path to success but it is often difficult to maintain over a period. That is why it is important to be driven, and remain enthusiastic even when the going gets tough. Where to start though


1. Have clarity The most important thing to keep in mind as a business owner is to remember why you started your own business. Your purpose and the vision behind your own business should be ever present in your thoughts as you navigate the ups and downs of the workplace. Clarity on this front will give you the strength to weather the tough times and - and tough times are inevitable.


2. Move out of your comfort zone It’s really cosy to be in a comfort zone but miracles happen when people make an effort to break out of their limitations and challenge themselves. People can get caught up with their usual routine and lose that spark of enthusiasm that keeps them motivated. It’s good to stay in touch with the side of you that pushes limits and is willing to take challenges head on. Start by setting measurable goals and see yourself grow as you deal with new situations and improve your capacities.


3. Pen down your failures It’s difficult to face your failures. But through failure you will learn and grow and renew the motivation to restart again. It is good to write down your thoughts if they are a burden on the mind. This will help you learn from past mistakes and persevere. An acceptance of failure is key and necessary, but writing down your experiences can help distill the events in a way that will make it easier for you to bounce back a more experienced, better equipped person and entrepreneur.


4. Find a Mentor Having a mentor can be like having a light to guide you through dark times. The right mentor can inspire, give advice and also help put success and failure into perspective. Mentors can shape you as an entrepreneur, but it is important to find a good fit with your unique aspirations.


5. Join an SME community To keep yourself motivated, inspired and updated you can join an SME community. GlobalLinker is an example of such a global community for entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur is often a lonely experience and being part of a peer group can be source of immense inspiration, support and besides its a great platform for networking. GlobalLinker is a one-stop shop for all the needs of an SME, where you can get ideas, forge business relationships and to network and grow your business.


6. Set personal goals If you are feeling a loss of the spark, take the time to evaluate where you are and set goals. For the goals that are long term and more ambitious, simplify and break them down in smaller tasks so that you can feel a sense of accomplishment as you work towards the destination. Taking small steps everyday is the best way to approach big goals. Play to your strengths, and appreciate your limitations as you figure out how to reach the top of the mountain


7. Reward yourself Rewarding yourself for achievements is important. Recognise and reward small victories along the way to long term to keep you going and motivated.


The path to greater success is long and hard. Staying motivated is essential to ensure you stay on the right path.


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