What Does Your Work Desk Say About You?

What Does Your Work Desk Say About You?

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GlobalLinker Staff

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Just like clothes can tell a lot about the personality of an individual, so too can an office desk reveal a person’s work style and disposition. Your workstation can be an accurate indicator of your character and personal traits. Since most people spend at least 8 hours of a day at work, it is natural for them to personalise their workspace. Read on to find out what your desk says about you…

Organised Desk

An organised mind is reflected in an organised desk. It indicates that you are methodical in your work and can be relied upon to complete assignments on time. However, being overly organised is not great either. A little messiness means that you are too busy with work to be constantly cleaning…which is not such a bad thing!

Messy & Cluttered Desk

A cluttered desk is not necessarily a bad thing. Very often, those in the creative field have messy and cluttered desks, as a larger number of items may promote out-of-the-box thinking. However, an overly untidy desk may also give the impression of being disorganised. Organised clutter may encourage creative thinking but an overly untidy desk may reflect a careless approach to work.

Workstation with Family & Vacation Pictures

A photo or two of your family adds a nice personal touch to your desk. However having your cubicle wall lined with too many personal pictures gives the impression that you would rather be on vacation than working! Work towards a balance of family pictures and work related reminders/ notes.

Display of Awards & Certificates

A person who likes to display their awards and recognitions is proud of their achievements. This could also be a way of emphasising one’s credentials (albeit unconsciously) and command respect from superiors and peers.

Post-its, books, plants, photos, curios and artwork give clues about your work style, personality and interests. Dr Sameer Malhotra, head of psychiatry and psychotherapy at Max Healthcare in New Delhi believes that a workstation can give a glimpse into the personality, temperament and philosophy of an individual. He opines, “Ideally the work table must have items based on priority of importance; the desk and chair should be of a size that makes movement easy and provides a comfortable posture. Moreover, the workstation should have positive feelers like plants, inspiring quotes or appropriate decorative items. Clutter should be avoided as it aggravates confusion. Work spaces must exude a feeling of warmth and professionalism.”

What kind of Desk do you have?

Look at your desk, and ask yourself what it reveals about you. Your desk says more about you than you realise. If you want to change your approach to work, the obvious thing maybe to change the way you organise your desk.

Do you believe a clean desk is the key to productivity? What does your desk look like? We would love to hear your comments!

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