Why is corporate identity a very powerful communication branding tool?

Why is corporate identity a very powerful communication branding tool?

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Dhananjay Parkhe

Dhananjay Parkhe

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Summary:The company you have created with so much hard work and dedication must speak for itself, right? It must reflect your thoughts, ideas and core values. You might associate the term ‘corporate identity’ with large firms, but it is also a powerful means for small and medium enterprises to establish their brand. Your corporate identity is how your customers and other business stakeholders perceive you. GlobalLinker member and business mentor Dhananjay Parkhe explains how a few simple branding initiatives can enhance your corporate identity.

Corporate identity is how you present your business to the world.  It is the image by which your business is perceived by your stakeholders like customers, employees, investors and collaborators etc. Simply put, it is who you are as a company. It includes both, what you put out for the world to see and what your culture and values are as a company. Most successful businesses have a strong corporate identity which then becomes a strong branding tool.

Corporate identity is visualised by way of branding. 

Here, I have listed 3 ways in which to build your corporate identity and thereby cement your brand.

1. Logo design
All marketing communication materials should have your corporate logo on it, thus enhancing your credibility as a professional enterprise. A person always tends to remember a good visual design, so aim to create a unique, yet simple design. A logo appears at various touchpoints such as your website, brochures, advertisements, mailers and other marketing communications. Therefore, a logo must embody your brand value.

A logo created by a professional designer helps add value to your business. Seek the services of a professional, who has skill and knowledge about branding and business positioning.  Moreover, your logo should be easy to represent across different mediums, be it web, print, TV commercials or even apparels. A well-designed logo makes a good first impression, grabs attention and establishes your brand identity and values.

2. Business Cards & Stationery
While handing out business cards to potential clients is convenient, there may be times when you have to correspond through letters. If you send these letters using your official letterhead with your company logo, it builds trust and establishes your business legitimacy professionally.

3. Brochures & Flyers
Brochures and flyers are powerful communication branding tools as you get to distribute them in your community and display them in various public spaces. You can create brochures describing your company, its specialties and the services you provide, thus making people aware of your presence and help you position yourself strongly in the market. Once people get to know about your business, they are likely to seek your services, thereby making your company a household name.

The above strategies, though seemingly simple, can really help you grow your business to the next level. 

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