Why small businesses should go mobile-first to succeed

Why small businesses should go mobile-first to succeed

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Vishal Virani

Vishal Virani

319 week ago — 7 min read

Summary: We bring you another article in our Digital Transformation series. Vishal Virani explains why it is important for an enterprise to have a mobile-first attitude to grow in the business environment of today. Consumer behaviour is shifting, with younger audiences using mobiles for almost every need and are always on the go.


In a recent Series A funding round led by Wu Capital and Shenzhen Capital Group, California based Roadstar.ai secured $128 million. The startup working towards improving autonomous driving technology by using Artificial Intelligence (AI), aims to make the road safe and efficient for both cars and trucks.


Roadstar.ai is just one of the many startups that has raised funds from angel investors and has successfully manoeuvred funds from top companies. If you look at the pattern, apart from a unique idea, it is also important for the startup to incorporate the latest tech trends to attract the attention of potential investors. The main reason for this could be associated with the reach that comes when you are on the same platform that your lead or potential customer is on.


This is one of the many reasons why most mobile-first companies are not only received well by investors, but also by potential customers.


At a time and age, when customers spend at least 5 hours per day, on an average with their mobile phones, it is impossible to turn away from this device when you are launching a new startup or owning a small business. This, according to an Adweek survey, would be an 88% growth observed in the time spent watching videos on smartphones.  


If you are a small business, on the lookout for growth, then it is time to adopt a mobile-first technology attitude for increased reach and flexibility. If you are still not convinced enough to get your mobile-first solution, we will help you go through the different reasons that should do the job. So, are you ready?


Helps communicate with the millennials better

As a small business, you need to be in touch with your customers constantly, if you want to generate new business and retain the old ones. However, in the modern times, when people prefer ordering online to moving out of their houses, it has become quite tough for you as a business to get in touch with people and maintain a personalised relationship. This can be done effectively, if you are present where your audience is.


A lot of people trust local shops but, for want of convenience, prefer ordering online from stores that are unknown or lesser known. If your shop goes online, it combines trust with convenience, thus improving your sales.


You will also know what your customer is looking for, engage them in conversations that are two-way, and be more personalised. When you are where the customer is, there are more chances of communication, better ways of dealing, and you connect more often with your potential or existing customer.

Mobile improves your chances of reaching out to more people

When you are a mobile-first business, your reach is higher and chances of conversion increase. With the search engines looking into your apps, and the latest OS updates increasing your chances of showing off the apps when a user searches for your business, there is a higher chance of getting to your target audience, and convincing them about your product or service.


However, you will need to work on your mobile app, the communication and make sure your app actually solves a problem that matters to the user, if you want to get noticed and downloaded.


With a lot of apps competing for the top-spot, a unique selling point and a definite differentiation is needed for your small business.

Mobile helps make/break trust the right way

What is the first thing that causes concern when buying online? Is the store or person in concern trustworthy? A small business, however, has concerns of their own. They need to provide security as well as convenience. How do you do this? Go mobile-first, add a secure payment gateway, associate with gateways that the customer trusts, and finally provide them with online payment methods. Wow! You have not just added convenience, but also trust by associating with their trusted partners.


For instance, accepting payments via Apple Wallet will get you more iOS customers, as they trust the Apple wallet, and they gain the convenience of paying through the wallet. With an increase in cyber crimes, make sure you don’t resort to Visa and other credit cards alone; allow your user to pay via wallets and other methods they tend to trust more.


Going mobile is an easy way to spice up your user’s life

An app will not just get you the necessary investment but also make sure you are able to provide value to the people.


Let’s talk about a startup mFine, which secured $4.2 million in a recent funding. It provides app-only consultation in the healthcare industry. The platform has partnered with several hospitals, and allows users to seek consultations via videos or chats from the doctors at these hospitals. The main thing about this business is that they have understood a potential problem, and added value through their app for the end users.


Uber, another app-only business, tended to the on-demand needs of the user, and has established its footprint not just in rides but also eateries and other avenues.


The idea is to identify the problem, develop a mobile-first solution, and add value to the customers’ lives. This way, your business is not just recognised, but also gains a good number of customers.


Do you wish to succeed?

As has been established here, going mobile is no longer a choice; it is a necessity. If you are not on-boarding the mobile communication, you are losing out on a number of customers, most of which can add value to your business. Most people believe, a small business should not invest in a mobile app, as it is expensive. However, if you have established the goals, and have a proper idea in place, the investment will reap a lot of benefits.


So, this year, instead of merely contemplating about a mobile app, go ahead and create a mobile-first solution for your customers.


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