16 ways for entrepreneurs to stay motivated!

16 ways for entrepreneurs to stay motivated!


Shashank Priyadarshi

Shashank Priyadarshi

313 week ago — 7 min read

Summary: Holistic wellbeing is just as important as goal setting and success in the life of an entrepreneur. Read some tips on how to lead a fulfilling and productive life.


"A self-motivated person can achieve anything.”


We are inspired to pursue excellence in our life, to take risks and go through great pain and achieve something really great. That is why we are entrepreneurs!


It's never easy to be your own boss and stay motivated at every stage of this journey. Self-motivation and keeping pace in life is a very important part of an entrepreneur's life. We hustle, we struggle, we lose, we win but still one thing that keeps us going in this journey is 'motivation'. More importantly 'self-motivation', when there is nobody to inspire you, you have to motivate yourself, keeping in mind what you initially set out for.


So here are 16 time-honoured ways and activities that are useful to keep you motivated throughout this journey. Remember though, this is neither a one-day mantra nor any quick heal process. These 16 ways are habits that will take time and dedication to develop. And these habits will surely keep you inspired throughout your life.These are all simple and proven ways to keep you motivated.


1. Exercise – Exercise not only gives you a healthy body but it also gives instant energy for the whole day. Exercising can release chemicals to give a stress-free mind and fill us with motivation. So, try to start your day with a round of body warm-up and cardio.


2. Meditate – While exercise will give you a fit body, meditation will make for a fit mind. You will be more energized throughout the busy day if you start it with a ten-minute meditation. These 10 minutes can give you a fresh mind to work and be innovative the whole day long.


3. Drink a lot of water – Our body is made up of 70% of water and to keep fresh we need to be hydrated. At the same time, do you know, drinking a lot of water makes our brain feel good and releases a chemical that keeps it motivated for a long time.


4. Eat healthy food – What you eat directly affects your brain metabolism, if you have any bad eating habits, just change them. Successful people have good eating habits - they avoid junk foods and they only eat what is required to keep them going.


5. Reward yourself for small successes – This is an important way to keep you motivated in whatever you do. If you start celebrating your everyday successes, your subconscious mind automatically enjoys it and keeps you awake and inspired to do more and achieve more. So, start small, win and celebrate every success.


6. Take time to think – We are running like robots towards our goals. The goal should be to live the life and moment. Taking time to think will make you less of a robot, and more human. Continuously working is a tiring process and can make you lose your focus and motivation. So, remember to make some time to think.


7. Walk in nature – This is another successful way to keep you inspired for life. Walk in nature, make some time and watch a beautiful sunset, watch birds, walk in the woods. Let your senses feel the best things and they will accept that life is beautiful, helping you stay motivated.


8. Talk with family – This is important to keep you inspired for your goal. Meet and talk with the people who really matter and for whom you want to achieve this. Social responsibility for love ones keeps us motivated for our dreams. Talk with your family, share your vision with your near and dear ones and you will find the magic within.


9. Read daily – Read success stories, read people’s visions, read something that really inspire you. Read motivational quotes daily. 


10. Stay away from negative news – Being updated is good, but constant negative news can be draining. News can be a negative media. Stay away from negative media.


11. Stay away from negative people – The world is full of these people, who doubt your dreams, who doubt your potential and always say something that demotivates you. Stay away from them. Never listen to their unsuccessful attempts because success is not a one-day game. It is a life to live.


12. Smile like a child – Always smile, when you wake up, when you see yourself in the mirror, when you meet someone. Smile even at strangers and see your soul get happier. This is an important tip for a motivational life.


13. Donate something every month – When we do something good without expecting any return, it psychologically makes our subconscious mind happy. It’s a fact that doing something good makes us feel better and we get motivated to do more. So, try to donate something or anything every time you get a chance.


14. Write in your diary – Writing a journal or keeping a personal dairy can help unburden you and and refresh your mind. Develop this habit and it will keep you alive and motivated.


15. Appreciate people around you – Appreciate someone for their smallest achievement and they will notice your achievement. This is really an awesome way to stay inspired. Spread love and love will find you.


16. Travel once in a year – Try to pack your bags and go out into the world to find your soul. Meet new people, visit different cultures,  and live life differently. It will give you inner satisfaction. A satisfied person is the most inspired person you ever meet


I hope some of these tips will help you to stay motivated. Try to develop some of these positive habits in life. They will change your faith and vision.


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