6 benefits of working with a Google partner

6 benefits of working with a Google partner

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Krinal Mehta

Krinal Mehta

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Background: Many companies, specially advertising agencies, are in the run for acquiring the Google partner status. Wondering why is that? The reason is the multiple benefits that a Google partnership provides. You get to work with individuals who have mastered AdWords, you can ensure that your campaigns are up-to-date with the best practices and have an advantage over your competitors with access to Google Beta features. In addition to this, you can add the Google partner badge to your business cards, websites and other marketing materials. Founder of Growth Dot Digital, Krinal Mehta in this article explains the six benefits of working with a Google partner.


Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a great way to drive traffic to a business website. When it comes to PPC, no tool or platform is better than Google AdWords. Almost every digital marketing agency offers PPC services but choosing the right partner is essential for a cost-efficient and successful campaign.

Not every agency that provides such services is equipped with the expertise to understand the nuances of PPC marketing. As Google commands an authority in PPC advertising, choosing a Google-certified partner gives a business an edge over competitors.

Many marketing agencies offer pay-per-click (PPC) advertising as one of their many services to help drive potential customers to your website. Without a doubt, Google AdWords is one of the best ways to increase your company’s online visibility.

A Google partner-certified agency is one that appoints multiple Google AdWords-certified professionals, constantly meets Google’s quality standards, participates in ongoing training programmes and continues to grow client base. 

However, using the platform correctly is not quite as straightforward or simple as many may think. Unfortunately, many agencies who offer Google AdWords and other PPC campaigns do not know what they are doing. Furthermore, choosing an agency that is not certified by Google to properly manage AdWords accounts could result in you paying more for clicks.

Google partner-certified agency
A Google partner-certified agency is one that appoints multiple Google AdWords-certified professionals, constantly meets Google’s quality standards, participates in ongoing training programmes and continues to grow client base. Being a Google certified agency means that a company has official seal of approval from Google for PPC marketing.


The Google partner advantage

1. Updated product knowledge
Every Google-certified agency or Google Partner is required to participate in product and sales training by Google. Also, as every team member is an AdWords-certified professional, Google partner is better equipped with updated product knowledge about PPC campaigns, latest trends and techniques.

2. Trained and certified AdWords analysts 
Google rewards agencies with Partner status when its staff successfully passes series of exam and the agency demonstrates its abilities to run and manage AdWords campaigns according to best practices by Google. This gives a client unparalleled advantage as all the analysts are well-versed with features, tools and techniques to successfully run a PPC campaign.

3. Great utilisation of all Google AdWords features 
Google AdWords dashboard might appear easy-to-use but there are hundreds of valuable features that can affect a PPC campaign. A Google Partner understands all the feature and knows how to leverage the benefits to reduce cost and improve the performance of a campaign. Google Partners are exclusively trained by Google to use basic as well as advanced features, efficiently.

A Google Partner can optimise the use of advanced features such as negative keywords identification and insertion of dynamic keywords to unravel the hidden potential of AdWords platform for the benefit of a business.

4. Better customer service due to regular audit by Google
Being a Google Partner means that an agency is continuously monitored by Google and is expected to adhere to the specific guidelines set by Google. Google Partners are rigorously scrutinized by Google from time to time. This gives a client absolute peace of mind regarding the performance of the campaign. Moreover, clients get best customer service as Google requires its partners to serve clients in the best way possible according to standard best practices.

5. Speedy resolution of issues due to dedicated Google representative 
All Google Partners are given access to a dedicated Google representative. Google Partners are eligible for priority phone, chat and email support. Priority support helps Partners to get detailed information about new features and get answers to their queries immediately. This means that a Google Partner speaks directly with Google professionals and can take steps to optimize AdWords account, ensuring best performance at minimum cost.

6. Access to Beta features 
Google Partners are way ahead of competing digital marketing agencies as they have the ability to opt in for beta testing. Beta testing of new features and tools gives them access to unique and latest AdWords features. Having access to latest beta features gives a campaign advantage of having a strong footprint through futuristic beta features. Partners get access to such features several months prior to actual release that can be a game changer in a competitive and dynamic world of online marketing.

Final words
When it’s a matter of your online presence and reputation, having an expert on your side is all that makes a difference. Instead of being fooled by hollow promises by self-acclaimed agencies, a business should always look for certified players such as Google Partner as that will promise accurate results and required success without tumbling the finances.


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