Develop positive body language for greater business success

Develop positive body language for greater business success

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Geet Jalota

Geet Jalota

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The importance of developing a positive body language cannot be overemphasized. It is the silent language communicated by our body, while sitting, standing or even on the phone. It gives more meaning to our words than the words themselves. Whichever way you look at it, learning the nuances of proper body language can help us project the right image, understand others and achieve greater business success.

Our culture also plays a role in body language and what it indicates. In western cultures, for instance, looking openly at the other person is interpreted as an open posture while in eastern cultures it can be interpreted as defiance. Here are some body language pointers considered ‘right’ across cultures:

Erect posture is good for the spine and for your communication. Hunched up position indicates lack of confidence and showing our back to the other person indicates something is being hidden.

Facial Expression
Frowning indicates irritation and facial contortions are annoying. They detract from the topic and draws attention to the feelings. The best way to control them is to use a word to reflect the meaning rather than allow facial muscles to express them.

Arms when crossed indicate a closed attitude. Keep your arms relaxed especially when negotiating or during a customer meeting.

Hands in the pocket indicate hiding something, bunched up into fists indicate nervousness. Ideally palms should be open; or hands should be in lap when sitting or in front, with fingers inter twined or palms joined.

Too many gestures are distracting and indicate lack of confidence. Keep hand movement to the minimum if you want your words to be heard.

Feet pointing straight with legs slightly apart indicate confidence; while crossed legs or feet pointing inwards portray lack of it.

Eye Contact
Eye contact does not necessarily mean locking stare, which can be unnerving for the other person. Try looking at the area between the eyes and the nose. Whether in business or personal life, eyes give important cues especially about our feelings and indicate whether we are happy, sad or angry. Therefore keep a steady gaze to lead others to draw important conclusions.

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