Do you have a powerful vision for yourself?

Do you have a powerful vision for yourself?

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Anirudh Gupta

Anirudh Gupta

187 week ago — 4 min read

The world is about progress. How do we evaluate it? It depends on our dominant thought. As an entrepreneur the approach is not to dig for a hole, it is to dig for a stream and then get to the ocean where our potential may be realised fully. Having a framework would make our journey easier, isn’t it?


You wonder what new in terms of framework could be useful; you have been running your business for years if not decades, is there something different which you haven’t done before? Yes, you have laid off people, cancelled the unnecessary agreements with service providers, and are looking carefully at the odds, but what beyond that?


What is needed to be done differently?


1. Introspect

The next level requires a totally different you.


Behind the external messaging success or failure on the ground happens if the internal messaging i.e. purpose is not aligned. How do we discover purpose?


We discover some moments which are unique to us as people, sometimes it is a memory of what is right, sometimes it is an insight into ourselves, and occasionally it is that thought experiment while brainstorming with the team. The reason these things work is they are based on a part of you which is real. You have tried the natural lemon juice, and you have tried flavored drinks, you know what is real and healthier?


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2. Reposition the business model

Once the new thought process seems desirable, you can reimagine different business models.


The needs of clients at a basic level remain the same. They need safety, comfort and growth. Some of them are cost conscious, some of them are optimisers, some of them are in a do it themselves mode if you are a service provider. The key is to align to solutions which are relevant.


Sometimes it would involve a 360 degree turn from the things you have been doing so far, it may be critical to create a viable and desirable business.


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3. Build a vision board

A vision board is a visual representation of the collective aspirations of you and your team, founding as well as operating. This represents a buy in of the team and helps in evaluation of whether the opportunity is there and to what degree, are problems emerging. This can be a lighthouse for your team in tougher times and a rallying point in times of momentum.


It needs to have the balancing elements of

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Trends


In light of the changing circumstance, an evaluation on those parameters helps to see the relevance.


What would be a good example?


Many people are turning to online reselling as customers come to the shop/office, take ideas and buy a cheaper version online.


What will be written on the vision board?

  • A commonly framed purpose


  • Aspirational goals for the company


  • Current reality of the company


  • Next 3 steps to achieve aspirational goals


Is this likely to work better?

We are successful to the degree we are clear. Where we are not clear, we need to sometimes drive in that fog and see things for what they are. The journey starts within, but needs to be initiated externally with buy ins and support from the right set of people in the ecosystem a step at a time.


May you have the courage to go beyond your highest aspirations and deepest dreams.


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