Everything you need to know about ERP - SAP Business One

Everything you need to know about ERP - SAP Business One

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Sonia Mishra

Sonia Mishra

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SAP Business One as is a system automation software rated as the number one ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) worldwide due to its robustness and unique features. SAP Business One is capable of managing end-to-end business operations from purchase and inventory to finance, sales, and customer support. It empowers the users with the real-time data and the insights of the entire business and each department in a single click of button. No other ERP at the cost SAP Business One can render the same level of advancement in-built with business intelligence. Thus, SAP Business One is believed to cater small and midsize businesses as it is affordable enough and can be purchased at the convenience of the user as per month or annual subscription mode.

Related to its origin, it was founded in 1972, Germany. SAP serves more than 388,000 customers globally in more than 180 countries. Out of all the customers, approx. 80% of the users belong to the SMEs group; this is one of the concrete reasons accounting the fact that SAP Business One is an affordable ERP and favorite among small business owners.

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SAP has a leading marketing position in:

  • Enterprise application software
  • Predictive Analysis and Machine learning 
  • AI for cloud-based marketing system 
  • Comprehensive modular solutions for on-premise and on-cloud network
  • Voluminous data storage applications

SAP Business One is the most popular product of SAP with core modules in: 

  • Management and Application
  • Accounting and Financial
  • Purchasing and Operation
  • Sales and Service
  • Inventory and Distribution
  • Production and MRP
  • Solution Customizing
  • Project and Resource Management

Its capabilities can be further enhanced by customising the software as per the needs and requirements of the user and adding valuable Add-on features available with the SAP Partner at the time of its implementation.

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SAP business one ERP

Considered No. #1 ERP

Serves 21 Industries

Has 50 Localizations

Used by 170+ Countries

Used by 1M+ Users

Has 70000+ Customers Worldwide

Used by 7000+ Customers

Has In-built 28 Languages

How to get SAP business one ERP 

To install SAP Business One software, the very first step you need to follow is to search a trusted SAP Partner near you. SAP has many channel partners in each country it serves and who you choose completely depends on you. However, if you don’t have any experience of having an ERP so far, it is advisable to select a SAP Gold Partner only.

SAP Gold Partners are favorites of SAP as they have a proven track record of successful SAP ERP Implementation following the best methodology and making an impact in the company. With rich knowledge and experience in implementing the software and handling complete lifecycle of the ERP, SAP Gold Partners not only add to your growth journey by rendering you a robust automation system, but also train your employees, how to use the application and make the best of it.

You can always search for the SAP Gold Partners available directly on the SAP website or through various search engines for an assured performance of the software.

That’s it related to SAP Business One, for more queries you can always loop up the the official SAP website.

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