How to build your personal brand

How to build your personal brand

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Prateek Srivastava

Prateek Srivastava

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Not a day goes by when your home products or newspapers are not flooded with logos representing corporate identities or new advertising and marketing tactics. It is possibly everywhere and gets to you, after all it is tiresome to roll over those advertisements again & again. In this race to get more eyeballs are we forgetting the essence of branding.


What does a brand stand for?

A brand represents confidence, passion, a sense of belonging, action and security. In short, a set of unique values. Such values define the brand and lay emphasis on its significance and differentiate it from others. The underlying focus of branding should be on how the target customers benefit from a particular service or product. Whereas corporates today are just focusing on their product features and not really connecting it with the target customer.


The origins of ‘branding’

In reality, the concept of branding goes way back. In early days, brands were used to demarcate cattle and then later on for specifying the quality of wine. This symbolised a mark of ownership and quality, respectively. Hence, with the changing arena, branding has brought revolution with it. From being mere signs of ownership and quality, they have become hallmarks of a sense of belonging – a feeling that it resonates in its customers. And now many things can be branded – products, services,places and religions. Along with guarantying quality, they evoke a desire which is of attraction and credibility.


When a brand becomes a verb
But now brands are such they are used in different ways such as Google, Facebook, Skype etc. In a way, it is you who defines them and they mean what you say they mean. Brands can take you places and the sign of a successful brand is when it is used as a verb, such as Google. Brands now belong to you, so does that mean to complete this process even you should become one?


Create your personal brand identity

As celebrities are brands so isn’t it time for professionals to become brands as well? Create such a presence that does not get lost in the mumble jumble of brands and integrates all your social presence at one place. As it is, you already have a personal presence on the Internet, it is about populating it with positive and transformational content. Such content that leaves an impression on others – an impression that you want to leave.


Leaving this impression can be quite a task. As with the presence of several website branding platforms, one can get completely lost. You need a platform that serves that difference, creates a niche and moreover gives you the right connections. It is one thing to follow an industry expert on social media and another to engage, interact and exchange useful industry insights, to learn about their contributions in their own words and thus, work towards a valued goal. A value that is not just superficial but is intrinsic.


Building and fostering your personal networks instead of social networks. Such networks which are more about you and less about the society or world at large. Identify and pursue opportunities which are a resultant of these networks.


Experience real sharing and communication. Tap the right people with the right set of tools – videos, blogs, informational interviews etc. and expand your reach. Learn the ropes to establish and present from the industry experts themselves. Showcase your true value in such a manner that you become that indispensable resource for someone and avail your value.


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