Lawyer turned shoe designer believes every day should be a pursuit of your dreams

Lawyer turned shoe designer believes every day should be a pursuit of your dreams

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Enterprise:  Tiesta


Founder: Ms Janvi Jogatar


Year it was founded: 2016


Sector: Fashion and Fashion Accessories


Based out of: Mumbai, India

Honeymooning in Spain may not seem like the type of situation that lends itself to ideas for entrepreneurship. However, the idea for Ms Janvi Jogatar’s Tiesta of which she is now director was conceived when she was shopping for shoes in Madrid. Restricted despite the range, she wondered what if she could start a company that makes customised shoes for women.

A lawyer by education and profession for a while, Ms Janvi gave up a potentially lucrative career to pursue her dream of designing and selling shoes. She found success quite fast with her designs being worn by models at Lakme Fashion week 2017 and Amazon Fashion Week 2016. Along with her sister Ms Helly, she is looking to take her company to great heights fuelled by the belief that any day not in pursuit of one’s dreams is time wasted.


In conversation with GlobalLinker (GL) Ms Janvi Jogatar shares the journey of the company. Watch this video to learn more:



GL: Tell us about your business.


Janvi: It all started when I was in Spain for my honeymoon and went shopping on the streets of Madrid. I did like few shoes, but there was always some changes in them I wish I could ask. For example, the  size of the heel could be less or the colour could be darker or it could be more pointed etc. Things like these, I figured, there was no option to change. I then realised how this was an actual problem a lot of people face. Though Tiesta didn't start immediately, but the thought was always running in my head and the problem only became more genuine as I discussed with my peers. So one day, I decided to drop my lawyer hat and enrolled myself in a Shoe Designing Course at FDDI. Soon after the course, I began with my brand Tiesta.


GL: What are the challenges you have faced in establishing your business?


Janvi: Learning the shoe making process, finding the right resources, artisans, materials, equipments, contacts, legals, accounting all of it. Most challenging was to speak the same language as the artisans would understand, working at the same frequency as them. Once I mastered this, my entire shoe making became smoother. I knew I had to be patient to find the right artisans and convince them to work for me. Many came and went, some left me, some I left but after all this, I can certainly say that I have the best team of artisans now working with me under one roof.


GL: Do you believe that the ‘ease of doing business’ in India has improved?


Janvi: I may be early to judge but I didn't feel the ease. When I started there were typical registration process for which I had to hire a Chartered Accountant (CA). Then after registration there were, Value-Added Tax (VAT) and Sales Tax then which had to be accounted and now, we have the Goods and Services Tax (GST). The entire accounting process is a tedious job for a person like me with no background.


GL: What is the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of your business?


Janvi: Customisation. We have an online tool where a customer can design the shoes the way she wants adjusting the heel, pattern, style and materials. With tons of options, a customer can get the exact shoe they dreamt of. Also, we maintain a direct touch with our customers, at all levels we communicate with them to get the exact shoe.


GL: What are some of the milestones your business? 


Janvi: Getting the team in place. Ms Helly, my sister has joined me after she served as a Fashion Consultant at Diesel for an extensive period. She comes with a lot of knowledge and experience in working in the fashion industry. Mohit, my husband plays an important role in making sure the processes are in place be it technical, accounts or operations. He is solely responsible for setting up our wholesale unit.


Reaching an average 10 orders a day via customisation is a big deal for us. Also, we have partnered with Ms Masaba Gupta (famous designer) to complement her dresses with our shoes at Amazon Fashion Week 2016 and Lakme Fashion Week 2017. We also made shoes for Ms Arpita Khan's party. We have collaborated with many celebrities like Ms Bharti, Ms Aashka Goradia, Ms Simi Deol and so on. We also made shoes for FCUK and Calvin Klein. Recently, we started with our own wholesale manufacturing unit to deal with our wholesale customers. Our wholesale orders are around 1,200 per month.


GL: What role do you feel GlobalLinker plays in connecting and assisting SMEs?


Janvi: GlobalLinker is nice platform to connect and meet with the like-minded people. It's so encouraging to see and read stories about young entrepreneurs on chasing their dreams and becoming successful. It feels nice to be a part of it.


GL: What is your big business dream?


Janvi: We want to be known as a brand, its not just any shoe shop. If you consider, there's no Indian women brand in shoes which is known locally or globally. We want to become that some day. We want to be like Steve Madden or Gucci or LV or Jimmy Choo. Always ‘Make in India’ but worn by everyone globally.


GL: What is your message to aspiring entrepreneurs?


Janvi: Hustle. When the early days are difficult just keep hustling at different roles. If you believe in your idea, then do not work on anything else. Do not do it as a side business or have another side income source. Any minute spent on doing other things is a minute you can't spend on realising your dreams. This is going to be difficult, but just be honest and faithful to your dreams. 


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