Post Business Requirements: A Simple Way to Boost Your Company’s Online Presence

Post Business Requirements: A Simple Way to Boost Your Company’s Online Presence

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81 week ago — 3 min read

Is your business using GlobalLinker to its full potential? One of the key pillars of business networking and attracting more customers is posting on GlobalLinker.


But first up – did you know that an updated profile and business catalogue can increase your business visibility by 50% and add value to your posts? The reason is threefold. 

  • An updated profile enables people to find you easily on GlobalLinker. 

  • It makes you more discoverable on search engines such as Google. This is because the more relevant content your profile has, the more SEO-friendly it becomes and the more likely it is for your business to rank higher on search engines.

  • When you create a rich business catalogue that lists all your products or services, it enables other businesses, suppliers, partners and customers to connect with you.


So make sure that your GlobalLinker profile is complete with clear information about your business; correct contact details; an updated business catalogue; a professional looking profile picture and logo; and all applicable fields filled out.

Now, let’s discover 4 ways posting business requirements can benefit your business.

1. Increase business awareness and visibility

If you post consistently on GlobalLinker, you reach a wider audience than you would if you only post occasionally or never post at all. You will also be able to reach out to potential customers and engage with them. Posting consistently will help keep customers interested in your business and products by providing them with updates about new offerings or other exciting information about your business. 


2. Establish business credibility

GlobalLinker is a trusted global platform, so when people see content from you, they are likely to pay attention—even if they don't know much about your business yet. Posting consistently shows potential clients that your business is reliable and consistent—essential qualities when people make decisions about partnering or buying from you.


3. Generate more leads

When you post regularly, you increase chances of converting your audience into customers. This is because your audience will feel more connected to you. Since the platform boasts of a membership of more than 400,000 businesses across 150 countries, it is a powerful business pool waiting to be tapped.


4. Humanise your business 

When you post regularly, you will develop a unique brand voice. People respond more positively when they know there is a human being behind all this content they are seeing regularly and what’s more they can easily connect with you on GlobalLinker.


At GlobalLinker we believe that every small business has a big potential. So we provide the most powerful network, tools & resources to help you reach that potential.


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