The art of dressing impeccably

The art of dressing impeccably

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Khushboo Karnawat

Khushboo Karnawat

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We are all part of a society where we play varied roles and go to different types of events — parties, business lunches, weddings, social events among others.


When our role & goal is different each time then why not our clothing? 

A man was meeting the boy his daughter wished to marry. The young boy turned up in his favourite, expensive branded jeans. The jeans had holes at the knees and were rugged.The grungy t-shirt and his whole look made him look like a nightmare to the father. It took the girl another year to make her father ready to meet the boy again and rethink. Funny?


It's a reality for the young generation today. It’s not just about clothing, it’s about the respect that you show to the other person by dressing appropriately, wisely, and not making the other person feel uncomfortable.


Rule of thumb

The rule of thumb is that a person makes a first impression about you within 3 seconds of meeting you. Naturally, a big part of that first impression is clothing. Clothing is a variable that is well within our power to control. The results can be manifold: positive feedback, a business deal, creating yourself as a brand or may be an ample amount of compliments. People are going to look - make it worth their while.


Dress for the occasion

While we are working and making our businesses shine we often forget and ignore the fact that we are also developing as a brand with the business itself. People often hesitate to dress and look different whenever they have to go for a party. The one thought that most men and women have is ‘What if I am overdressed?’


Whenever in doubt ask yourself these questions:

  • Where am I going?
  • What will I be doing there?
  • What is the goal of the meeting?
  • How do you want to be perceived by others?
  • What is the time of meeting? (morning, afternoon or evening)

You will have your answer.


If you are with your seniors at a meeting then you might like to go in a suit but if you are meeting your old friend at his office then a suit will be too conservative, a jeans and a shirt is absolutely fine.


Know your level of authority

If you are just starting out in a firm then a simple t-shirt and a trouser is fine for a casual event. If you have greater authority then try and wear a blazer or a coat over an unmatched suit. A person at the highest level of authority could wear a matched suit and tie depending upon the event.


Women too need dress according to their role & position in an organisation. This is applicable to both Indian attire and western attire. Use your accessory/ornaments very carefully. Your ornaments really add up to the whole look but make sure they should never overpower your whole attire. Use them to add a spark. For example, a good pair of cufflinks go very well with a nice crisp shirt or a suit.


Men can wear a single sleek ring that doesn’t distract attention such as a platinum band. Do not overpower your appearance by adding some 3 or 4 superficial stone rings. As a woman, when in a formal business dinner, just stick to one ornamental piece at a time in your whole appearance .They may be your earrings, a classy cocktail ring or a neck-piece. Less is more.


Other than all of this, there are a few important points I would like to emphasise regarding clothing:

  • Never open two buttons of your shirt when in a business event. It may be your personal choice but is not appropriate in a more formal setting.
  • An ironed crisp shirt always looks good in all social settings.
  • Don’t flaunt your body art/tattoos in a business setting. They can lead to a negative view about you and may hamper your growth professionally.
  • Before going for piercing, hair colouring or some of the more outrageous fashion styles, always think about the kind of business you are in. If you are in a media house or in the glamour business it may still be okay but if you work in a corporate or somewhere where you have to deal with your clients directly then it might not give the right impression.


Clothes can work wonderfully to make you feel confident and powerful. Use them as a resource to enhance your personality.


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