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Roshan Dsouza

Roshan Dsouza

238 week ago — 5 min read

Background: To create a winning team, you need to map your business personality with that of your employees' personality.

Every organisation has one or more individuals who are the high performers and they do not only work smart but also help others work in the same momentum. There is so much of learning that can be learnt from these individuals.


The management doesn’t learn to accept and groom the rest of the staff for improved efficiency and productivity. Eventually, when the performing individuals leave, there is a void in the organisation and then either a replacement is sought or a junior who is not capable is promoted for better actions.

This is the story of many SME companies and they do not see the gap created in managing their workforce. These individuals are the ones who help the company grow and succeed against the competition in the business.

  • Who are these individuals?
  • How do you identify them?
  • How do you create a backup for their absence?

While these are some basic questions to be answered with managing talent, the first question is how we recruit personnel that can fit the competitive and structured business growth.

We need to go to the roots of recruitment, assessment and training of the employees in the company. This is what makes and grooms the individuals for structured growth and build. If you are looking to grow and expand your business, you cannot avoid the people in the organisation.

If you have a low employee life span of 6 months to a year, and the turnover is high, you need to develop a profile mapping understood of your employees and your organisation.

Once you have the recruitment in place, you can then focus back on the employee management and development. It is but the responsibility of the organisation to have the right players for the team for the performance to be at the best.

People management has always been the game changer for a company. With a strong and knowledge-based work force, companies thrive. Those who do not respect, guide & mentor their workforce have trouble with business growth.


The movie Moneyball (based on the true story of how the Oakland Athletics reinvented baseball team management), proves that you do not need to have a strong team but good players in the team to ensure the team can become strong and make a difference. Statistically, most extroverts are not the best sales personnel and introverts can be better long-term sales personnel. Some of the more important aspects of a personality lies in the individual who selects the team for success.

For example, Apple would only employ developers and staff who could play an instrument, this enabled their creativity and innovations in the limitations that were set for them for easily. Your business may be unique but until you do not map your business personality with that of your employee’s personality, you will not have the winning team.

Sometimes, things do not work out as we plan and the mental anguish of an employee may be the reason for non-performance. This can be cured with proper counselling and mentoring done for these performers. Companies with a small workforce need to build foundations for growth to ensure their employees stay with them for the long term. There by, having a mutual benefit of individual and company.

People management has always been the game changer for a company. With a strong and knowledge-based work force, companies thrive and those who do not respect, guide and mentor their workforce always have trouble with growth and sustenance in the business. This is a thumb rule.

Leaders are not known for their leadership without their followers. So, treat your workforce right and the game will be yours to win.

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