Web hosting 101: How to find the best web hosting service?

Web hosting 101: How to find the best web hosting service?

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Neha Kumari

Neha Kumari

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Background: Web hosting  makes it possible for your site to be accessible to everyone on the web. Reliable web hosting ensures that your site has little or no downtime, is able to deal with huge traffic and you have access to greater marketing opportunities. Web hosting reviewer, Neha Kumari shares her insights.


In this article I will explain what web hosting is, types of web hosting services available and finally how to select the ideal web hosting service for your needs. So let’s get started!

Website hosting is a kind of web service that gives space on the web to site pages, blogs and web-based applications. When you design a site or blog, you need to publish it on the World Wide Web with the assistance of a reliable web hosting service.


What is web hosting?

Website hosting is a kind of web service that gives space on the web to site pages, blogs and web-based applications. When you design a site or blog and need to get to it or see it, you need to publish it on the World Wide Web with the assistance of a reliable web hosting company.

Web hosting solutions work by putting site files, data and information on a ground-breaking computer system, which is additionally known as a web server related with a solid as well as very quick network. This keeps your website page's data, information, and other related details in a highly secured environment. There are only a few reliable website hosting service providers in India to host your site at least possible cost.

Most popular types of website hosting services available 

Various kinds of internet hosting services are available on the web, which can confuse you, so it is essential to understand which type of hosting service will suit best to your needs. While the lost cost and free hosting option works well at the starting phase, but as your side grows you need to upgrade to a paid plan to serve the growing need of your sites.

Most popular types of web hosting services available


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Shared Server Hosting 

Shared server hosting is an ideal solution for those searching for reasonably priced web hosting, it is much easier and doesn't require propelled skilled to handle it, and there is additionally an advantageous control panel tool named cPanel. It is the most well-known sort, here website hosting company puts numerous websites/blogs on one single server, all websites share computing resources and power of the server.

One of the biggest drawbacks of this server is that security can be effectively compromised, and shared server cannot deal with high traffic on a site or blog. Shared server hosting is an extraordinary alternative for small sized businesses and non-profit organizations with a limited budget. Many shared server hosts support the most widely recognized CMS tools such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and so forth.

VPS Hosting

The short meaning of VPS is a virtual private server, so VPS servers imitates a full-fledged dedicated web server inside a shared server. Actually, it tends to be viewed as a mix of dedicated web server & shared server. Since it's anything but a completely dedicated web server, it is much more affordable.

It is much more flexible and easy to scale.  The greatest downside is that it is more costly than shared server, yet you are getting much more with VPS.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated web server is a sort of web hosting setup dedicated to a solitary site or a single organization. Since this kind of website hosting isn't accessible for some customers, for example, shared server hosting.

It can deal easily with huge amount of web traffic. It is likewise solid, highly flexible, and comes with enhanced performance. This sort of site hosting solution is ideal for big organizations with the interest for mission-basic frameworks.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller web hosting is a kind of internet hosting in which the client has a designated measure of hard drive disk space and data transfer, which can be utilized by outsiders to host sites/blogs. Resellers will as a rule purchase space in wholesale and after that offer it to potential clients under their own brand name. This is another alternative which gives increased flexibility and it is much progressively low cost.

Internet host service providers give you specialised content and you can concentrate on client assistance. Since your services are constrained, on the off chance that something turns out badly, at that point you need to manage the harm if something turns out badly toward the part of the website hosting company.

Cloud Hosting

The most recent and newest form of hosting is cloud. Cloud web hosting depends on computing innovations which permit the unlimited number of systems that work as a single system. While other website hosting technologies, such as shared, VPS and dedicated server, work just on one single machine, cloud hosting can make use of numerous machines and it ensures numerous servers to serve the need of website.

It is an extraordinary alternative for individuals who need more flexible hosting solution with increased scalability. It comes with a recurring expense and you don't have configuration controls. This is an extraordinary choice for the individuals who would prefer not to have direct control of business ventures.

How to find the best website hosting services?

Which website hosting service provider would it be a good idea for me to go with? This would one say one is of our most regular inquiries and one is how to really build a site or blog? Those viewed as the best, reliable, are altogether founded on conclusions & decency. When you can unendingly look through the Internet, it's anything but difficult to choose what data you have.

This blog post will enable you to pick your favoured website host company. When searching for the best and trusted site hosting service providers for India, there are a few things to know about. You should deal with what highlights you should see alongside the type of hosting services:

  • Features offered by web host 

It is in every case great to get more than you pay if there should be an occurrence of facilities and features. Few website hosting companies can offer more highlights however they may not be the quickest and speediest ones. Pick a website host service provider that is all around balanced between the highlights, server speed, security and estimation of your decision. 

  • Hosting cost

We need to make a decent balance between reasonable costs and excellent website hosting service. Pick a web host that can offer you with the highlights that you have the crucial price that you are anything but difficult to pay. 

  • Server location/Data centre

Make sure that you choose a web host having its server located in India or nearly by location such as Singapore. In the event that you put your site in another nation or far away from your visitors area, at that point there will be issues with site speed and performance. You will encounter stalling, decline in loading time, and simply feel the ordinary interim. To make the procedure incredibly simple, keep the website hosting service you pick with yourself.

  • Server response time

On the off chance that your website/blog hosting is delayed to reply, at that point it can lead you to lose a huge number of potential offers. Make sure to choose a web host with good server response time. 

  • Customer support/service

When you are working with blogs or sites, there can be many difficulties, and it is a smart thought to have a team of devoted hosting specialists to enable you to take care of your issues and concerns. Make certain to pick a website host that has a decent reputation in client assistance service.


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