Your enterprise is not a drop in the ocean, it embodies the ocean itself

Your enterprise is not a drop in the ocean, it embodies the ocean itself


Sriram Athri

Sriram Athri

325 week ago — 3 min read

Small is big. This is a very powerful statement if we have the wisdom to understand it. Like every drop from the ocean has the essence of the ocean in it, our passion for enterprise, as trivial as it may seem, need not be limiting. Every task done with awareness and complete mindfulness gives immense joy.


Consequently, entrepreneurship can be a fulfilling pursuit. Of course, it makes ends meet but it can also help you aspire to higher purpose and give you the feeling of being an integral part of society - connected to your fellow people. To achieve that sense of fulfilment there are things you have to be ‘aware’ and ‘mindful’ of:


You must be aware that:

  • Your enterprise is serving another industry, the larger community
  • The business has a viability with an inherent potential to grow and sustain
  • Your firm is a cog in the wheel and needs to support all others
  • Your enterprise is an expression of your passion and attracts the need of society
  • Your enterprise is not distracted from its original focus while being flexible for change


You also have to be mindful of the following:

  • Opportunities come and one must be open to taking them
  • Not to be greedy and allow hoarding to pollute one’s passion
  • There are many factors that enable the enterprise to run and subtly being aware of that. Let all contributors have their due.
  • In all stages of life, remember 'this will also pass'. This may sound very staid, but ultimately, the purpose of all enterprises is to increase happiness.


When aligned to the nature of things, the law of the land, potential of people and to the need of the hour, a sense of awareness and mindfulness about the meaning of entrepreneurship will result in both success and satisfaction. Be aware and mindful, and find within you the strength and wisdom to grow your enterprise.


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