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Digital & Technology / / Digital Solutions, Marketing & Services

GlobalLinker helps Small & Medium Enterprises digitise and connect. Its large global community of over 250,000 SMEs are able to digitise their businesses in three simple steps - 1. Creation of digital Business Cards; 2. Creation of a Digital Business Profile; and 3. Creation of a Digital Catalog of their Products & Services.
Once digitised, these SMEs can connect to other relevant SME members, Knowledge components, Curated business offers and GlobalLinker capabilities (eg eStore etc.).

I love creating interesting and valuable content for our members. A firm believer of the fact that content is the reason search began in the first place, let's connect and grow together!

GlobalLinker is a unique solution for global business networking for SMEs & Startups. On GlobalLinker you can access a growing network of SMEs, startups & businesses. Get your company online, collaborate with your colleagues, network with several like-minded businesses, access and share content, participate in discussions and also, get special deals for your business needs.

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