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Atal Incubation Centre IIIT-Kottayam (AIC IIIT-Kottayam), a Sec.8 Company of the Indian Institute of Information Technology Kottayam (an institute of national importance) got established in October 2018. The company kick-started its operation in May 2019 for promoting innovations and young entreprenuers based on the prestigious project scheme named Atal Innovation Mission of Govt. of India in the field of IoT cloud technologies.
At our Incubation Centre, we are facilitating young entrepreneurs to nurture the development of recent technologies such as IoT, Cloud/Edge/Fog/Blockchain, and so forth. We promote individuals to survive and grow during the establishment period of their startups by providing: i) An integrated package of work space, shared office services, access to specialized IOT equipment and ii) Value added services such as business planning, technical training and assistance, Business consulting, Sales pitch presentation and internet services.
We have a leading and growing network of high-profile mentors for our start-ups to work with; these mentors are actively involved in transforming the ideas of our aspiring startup enthusiasts. As of now, we have on-boarded 15 Start-ups (including virtual), 20 mentors, 4 national partners and 3 international partners as part of the 100-DAY ACTION PLAN. We have applied for 5+Crore grants for our stratups. We have conducted 7 events in the last 3 months and have partnered with leading event organisers.
We see a wide spectrum of startups emerging in India to meet the heterogeneous structure of the Indian economy and society. We select the top founders on campus through sales pitch competitions. The Atal Incubator Centre in Valavoor offers access to a rural and semi-urban Entrepreneurs, motivated cost-effective talent and compassionate mentors who can nurture startups.
Our incubation center offers selected startups unparalleled access to networks of industry, corporate and academic partners, training from the top SMEs around the world, an extensive mentor network as well as access to both private and public fund managers specializing in supporting startups.

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