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Amseem Business Solutions Pvt Ltd

Amseem Business Solutions Pvt Ltd

Business Services & Consultancy / Other
Mumbai, India

Amseem Business Solutions came into existence when a group of like-minded IP professionals came together. An overall market analysis done informally by us indicates the severe dearth of knowledge about IP & IPR in the Indian market, as well as an urgent need to educate Indian businesses as well as non-business houses about the benefits & importance of IP Rights. At the same time, a notable aspect is that India, as a market is still in the nascent stages and is yet to developwith respect to IPR.

With a presence in the industry for close to a decade,we have built the required expertise in the domains of IP and IPR. We have gradually built up our teamduring this time, attracting the right kind of talent,which includes subject matter experts, each one dedicated to a specific industry.For instance, genetic systems engineer, mechanical engineer, chemical engineer, microbiology, life sciences, electronics, computer science, IT, etc. Each of these experts possesses the required capabilities to understand your IP in depth and accordingly are in a position to present your IP case to maximize the protection.Few highlights: ? In case any project belongs to an extreme niche area where Amseem does not have its expertise, we deny the project for the benefit of the client. We do not mind connecting our client to another player in the industry who may be better equipped to deliver the required expertise in that particular domain. ? Our service begins with understanding the client’s needs

  • Incorporation Date


  • Turnover

    Rs. 25 lac - Rs. 1 crore

  • No. of Employees

Service Provider , Professional, Trader

Private Limited Company


Mumbai -

Primary office,

Viman Nagar
Pune - 413106

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Key Contacts


Amit Baravkar

Amit Baravkar/Director

Amseem Business Solutions Pvt Ltd
/ Mumbai, India

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