Annant Gyan Knowledge And Skills Private Limited

Buxar, India

Education > Education Related Services


Overview The “Annant Gyan Knowledge and Skills Private Limited” is incorporated on dated 4th May 2018. The company is imparting knowledge and skills at different levels for national development. It works- To make learning reachable by certified online and offline courses/ workshops/ seminars/ skill development and training programs to everyone on minimum cost. To provide platform to work on innovative ideas/ projects and create opportunities for others.

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Annant Gyan Knowledge And Skills Private Limited
Buxar, Buxar
Education ,Education Related Services

May 2018

1 - 10 employees

Service Provider

Service Center

Professional Services

  • Registered Address

    PAKWA INAR, NAYA BHOJPUR, WARD NUMBER 22, Contact number 7987828714
    Buxar - 802133

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