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The primary focus of Better Books is to publish Career, Job, Resume, Interview, Youth and Children books

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Facing a job interview is no walk over. What will the interviewers ask? How to answer? Such thoughts are intimidating to the bones even for one with some experience; and far more chilling to anyone attempting to join the job market.
The first book published is 'Impressive Answers to Job Interview Questions'
This book is a guide to help fresh, entry-level candidates and those seeking career changes to give appropriate replies while facing an interviewer/interview board. The author has listed several possible questions interviewers usually put to candidates along with a set of model answers.
The book is prepared in Question - Answer format.
Examples of questions along with answers:
1. Tell me about yourself
2. What's your greatest weakness?
3. What salary are you looking for?
4. Why do you want to join this company?
5. Why should we hire you?
6. Why do you have a gap in your employment

Aug 2017

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  • Head-office/Primary office

  • Head-office/Primary office

    41, Sawan Park Extension, 3rd Floor, Ashok Vihar Phase - 3
    New Delhi - 110052
  • Binay Srivastava 

    10 Nov 2018, 3 min read

    Questions to ask potential employers in an interview

    Employment & HR

    Questions to ask potential employers in an interview

    What are the best responses to “do you have any questions to ask” usually asked towards the end of an interview? Binay Srivastava shares some pointers.

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