Euroeast Marketing

Paranaque city, Philippines

Food & Beverage > Fresh, Packaged and Processed Food


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Euroeast Marketing started last June 2009 as distributor of frozen meat such as pork, chicken, beef and seafood. Our clients were all corporate accounts like, hotels, commissaries, universities, food chain etc. In 2018, for added value and to serve the breakfast requirements of our valued customers, we expand to manufacturing of processed meat.
We became confident on this new line of business since we provide premium raw materials and not using unhealthy preservatives hence short expiration date. We became more confident on the premium taste of our products behind of course is our skilled production team, after we passed the approval of food tasting from panel of chefs!
At present, we cater one of the big companies whose monthly requirements range around 7 tons. For a starter, we are very greatly and honor to serve our satisfied and happy business partners! To God be the glory!


Brand Owner


  • Head-office/Primary office

    Paranaque city

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