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Feelance Co.

Feelance Co.

Professional Services / Management Consultancy Firms
Mumbai, India

Feelance Co helps clients to discover and engage with senior independent consultants or consulting firms for short term projects and interim roles.

Over last 12 months since its start, Feelance Co. has become India's largest platform for offering services via its network of 35,000+ consultants.

Feelance Co. is an online platform to bridge the gap between the clients seeking to engage with external consultants and consulting firms who provide services for short term projects and interim requirements. Through our Feelance Elite program we work with verified and vetted partners to provide services across three major service buckets- 1) Marketing & Branding 2) HR Services and 3) StartUp & Support Services Feelance Co. currently has 35,000+ independent consultants and consulting firms registered on its platform and also has 200+ Preferred Partners who offer their services via Feelance Elite Program.

  • Incorporation Date


  • Turnover

    Rs. 25 lac - Rs. 1 crore

  • No. of Employees

Service Provider , Professional


Mumbai -

Primary office,

810, 8th Floor ,Trade World Tower B, Kamla Mills Compound
Mumbai - 400013

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Key Contacts


Harshdeep Rapal

Harshdeep Rapal/Co-founder & CEO

Feelance Co.
/ Mumbai, India

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