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FreeSky (India's Unique Discount Card)


Freesky Discount Card is a special privilege and guaranteed discount facility, created and managed by Purchasekaro (TYMK group). Freesky Discount Card ensures a guaranteed discount for our card holders from our registered merchants. Freesky Discount Card is a prepaid card widely accepted to leading outlets in India and in affiliated web store.

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Freesky Discount Card offers more privileges and extra discounts ranging from 5% to 50% while purchasing for not less than Rs.100 rupees at any of our registered outlets or by affiliated web store. The Freesky comes from the family of TYMK Group which had already is an established name in the online sector and currently more than 10000 executives work under these group. Its group companies are as follows;

Feb 2017

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  • Head-office/Primary office

    6th Floor, Shree Ram Chambers, Alkapuri,, Vadodara
    Vadodara - 390007

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