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Mumbai, India

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IMBA, Grande Ecole Program, Master of Science Programs (International Business, Digital Marketing, International Negotia


IÉSEG School of Management is one of the top Business Schools in France, ranked 7th in France and 31st overall in the Financial Times Masters in Management 2017 ranking. As a French Grande École and member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles, IÉSEG is part of the most prestigious higher education institutions in the country. It is also awarded with the accreditations like EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA. More than 80% of IÉSEG’s faculty is international, and the School has a network of 285 institutions

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Here, at IÉSEG School of Management, our objectives are simple: we’re here to ensure we turn our students into talented, dynamic and above all, successful business people; professionals who will continue to make a difference across a diverse range of global business markets.

Our origins date back to 1964, and since then we’ve achieved the ranking of a top 10 French Business School as well as the prestigious accolade of becoming a Grande École – one of the most respected and academically rigorous higher education programmes in the world.

The IÉSEG culture is born out of a passion for progress and ability meaning that we focus all our energies on identifying the true potential from each student. We’re proud of our unorthodox approach to business education and its ability to instill the key values of accomplishment, responsability, integrity, solidarity, engagement – abilities that have been at the heart of our school since the very beginning.

Aug 2010

1 - 10 employees

Professional Services

  • Branch/Regional office

    IESEG India Office, Of10 Coworking Space, Prudential, Ground Floor, Hiranandani Gardens - Powai
    Mumbai - 400076

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