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The uninformed career decision taken by most of the students lead to dissatisfaction in jobs and ultimately in life. The exceptionally good perception of few fields (like engineering) and colleges (like IITs) lead to a lot of societal pressure among students. This continues even in colleges wherein one decides internships in order to build a good CV, many times unintentionally, because this is what is common and 'secure' way to success.
In today’s world, unfortunately, not many students are able to discover their potential and interest. Seeking help from those who can assist in discovering one’s interests and skills and accordingly map suitable career choices becomes necessary. Most importantly, students need mentorship, exposure and support so that they are more confident in opting for the careers of their choice. Thus we have developed Myways, an innovative and full-fledged solution provider to all the problems regarding career choice.

Aug 2018

1 - 10 employees

Service Provider

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    New Delhi

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