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Pentad Securities

Pentad Securities

Banking & Finance, Accounting & Taxation / Shares & Securities
Mumbai, India

Stock Broker

“Take your wealth beyond investing”- Pentad Securities Pvt. Ltd, fundamentally with its decade’s meritorious expertise in the field of Equity Research based comprehensive solutions, has been into the broking arena for 2 years now, recognized by BSE, NSE and investment advisory approvals adhering strictly to SEBI norms and regulations. During our cruise, we had chanced upon many moments of turbulence primarily due to Global and domestic economic uncertainties. However, now we see an emergence of a more matured and sober market evolving in the past few months, seemingly due to the consolidation of Governmental strategies and policies, both political and economic. This turned out to be a progressive scenario opening flood gates of opportunities for the first time investors as well as existing investors and will be evident if one tracks the growth chart of many large and midcap shares from the beginning of 2016. For the first timers, they can build their portfolio afresh as

  • Incorporation Date


  • Turnover

    Rs. 5 crore - Rs. 10 crore

  • No. of Employees

Service Provider , Trader

Private Limited Company


Leve-2, in GS Point, CST Road ,Opp. University, Kalina, Santacruz E
Mumbai - 400098

Primary office,

Level 4, 32nd “E” cross, 4th T-block ,Next-Bharath Petroleum, Jayanagar
Bengaluru - 560041

Primary office,

Level-1, Near Kathrikkadavu Bridge ,Salim Rajan Road Gandhi Nagar,
Kochi - 682017

Primary office,

#1819, Level 1, Aramana Arcade, ,Bank Road,
Kasaragod - 671551

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Key Contacts


Nasar Kelot

Nasar Kelot/Brand Manager

Pentad Securities
/ Kochi, India

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