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Raihaan The Oudh Shop

Raihaan The Oudh Shop

Beauty, Cosmetics & Personal Care / Cosmetics & Beauty Products
Surat, India

Since the year 2013, Raihaan The Oudh Shop has been in the business of delivering 100% agar wood products. Oudh is better known as Dhan al Oudh, Gharu , Eaglewood, Aloes wood and by many other native names.
Unlike any other Oudh and Bukhur retailer, Raihaan The Oudh Shop began with a different path, swaying it from the commercial grade fragrances that flood the market today.

Raihaan The Oudh Shop ensures that there is no amount of additives that could either increase the quantity or change the aroma of the 100% natural agar wood oil and chips. The resources are extracted from only the mature and finely aged agar wood for the best results every time you use it. We pride ourselves on the premium quality natural products we deliver, with a high quality assurance mark for your satisfaction.

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Manufacturer, Professional, Retailer, Trader


Luxuries, shop no. 3 and 4, Women's gallery, ,Basement of mufaddal manzil, Noorpura, Zampa bazar
Surat - 395003

Primary office,

5th Floor, Sarkar House (Abde Saifee Apt), H.K Street, Begum
Surat - 395003

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Key Contacts


Murtaza Zainuddin

Murtaza Zainuddin/Owner

Raihaan The Oudh Shop
/ Surat, India

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