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Theoriat Services

Theoriat Services

Business Services & Consultancy / Human Resources
Pune, India

We are a team of passionate individuals who love to explore various aspects of human capital and their potential to contribute towards organization’s growth.
We believe in discipline and customer satisfaction is our core objective, hence we have a team, who focuses on project management and delivery

We take care of end to end solutions for Human Resource Management via Research and Development & implementation of scientific methodologies of Human Resource helping SME org.

VJ Consultancy Services is a Recruitment Specialists Company with its head office in Mumbai. We have our operations in Mumbai as well as in Pune, Maharashtra. We specialize in Mid and Senior Level hiring for multiple industries. Our Client base are inclusive of Logistics, Travel, IT, Engineering and Manufacturing Industries. Being a preferred recruitment consultant for companies like Future Supply Chain, DHL, Tnex Technologies, Sarla Technologies, Neterson Technologies, Anunta Technologies etc we assure to hire the right candidate for the right job with minimal turn around time.

  • Incorporation Date


  • Turnover

    Rs. 25 lac - Rs. 1 crore

  • No. of Employees

Service Provider , Professional

Sole Proprietorship


316, C-Wing, Shoppers Orbit, Above Big Bazaar, Vishrantwadi,
Pune - 411015

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Key Contacts


Tanima Sarkar

Tanima Sarkar/Founder/CEO

Theoriat Services
/ Pune, India

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