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Mumbai, India

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Transganization is a process driven education & consultation program by Transganization-School of Thought, based on the concepts of spiritual awareness and international business management science specially catering to entrepreneurs.

Most of the Entrepreneur driven organizations survive and sustain till the time promoter is ‘present’ within the organisation. When promoter stops working or dies the organisation’s business starts declining and ultimately the business dies.

Transganization is born to transform Entrepreneurial Organizations into ‘Self-sustaining and Constantly Evolving’ organizations that will LIVE beyond the life of an Entrepreneur.

Growth is the most coveted aim of every Entrepreneur for his business, but the fact is that growth is a by-product of sustainability. In the ever-changing market environment sustenance is result of constant transformation and capability building.

If you are an Entrepreneur seeking a solution to transform your Organization that can ‘Sustain’ and ‘Grow’ on its own then Lets connect…….


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