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Pune, India

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With cognitive automation and structured workflows, Zestl helps enterprises streamline chaotic collaboration processes.

Founded in 2015 and headquartered out of Pune, India, Zestl is led by founders with over 100yrs international experience building and scaling products for large companies like Apple, with background from Stanford, UC, IITs. Zestl works with some of the top names in India in FMCG, Retail, Hospitality and Manufacturing segments.

With the Zvolv new store launch solutions, we tackle all these challenges, many very specific to the India market. We enable opening new outlets (stores, restaurants, service centers etc) faster, with better outcomes and optimized manpower/material expense.

11 - 30 employees

Service Provider

  • Head-office/Primary office

  • Hardik Gandhi 

    4 Sep 2019, 5 min read

    A for Automation, B for Bots, C for Confusion…

    Digital & Technology

    A for Automation, B for Bots, C for Confusion…

    Hardik Gandhi sets the record straight on what are bots – the origins of the term, and its past, present and future.

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