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Nitish Chandra

PROPERITOR at Vindhya Process Solutions

Noida, India

Web Developer and Digital Marketer

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Vindhya Process Solutions

Noida, India

GST Verified: 09ADOPC4678B1ZH

Verified as Vindhya Process Solutions

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Business Requirements

We provide complete IT Solutions. Scanning, Conversion to pdf, Website Designing and Digital Marketing. E-Mail Marketing. Preparing PPC (pay per click) Advertisements.- Google Ads, Social Media Ads. Search Engine Optimization. (SEO) Search Engine Marketing. (SEM) Analytics of your business. Social Media Marketing. Affiliate Marketing. Publishing of E-Books Content/Blog Writing Graphic Designing

Incorporation Type

Sole Proprietorship

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Year of Establishment

March 2015

Nature of Business

Service Provider / Professional Services

Number of Employees

1 - 10 People

Annual Turnover ₹25 lac - ₹1 crore

Industry Digital & Technology > Digital Solutions, Marketing & Services

Location(s) Noida (India) |

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Nitish Chandra




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Noida Uttar Pradesh

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Nitish Chandra

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