From Contacts to Contracts: Are Business Cards obsolete?

From Contacts to Contracts: Are Business Cards obsolete?

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Carlos Garcia

Carlos Garcia

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It was a Sunday morning when I thought of decluttering few things off my desk. There I saw the business cards that I've accumulated over the years from networking, conventions, and suppliers, which are already gathering dust.


Contacts to Contracts

In tough times, we need to be resilient. In this case, for survival and then we thrive—as the situation suggests, we just got to have hope as much as we can until this pandemic ends. Hope and cope that despite the situation, economic bloodline must flow. That is why companies are channeling to convert those foot traffic into the digital platform such as QR links, Facebook Pages, Websites, App, Grab Food, Food Panda, Globallinker, and other social media platforms to spread their brands.



This is the most important thing nowadays. Because even during the pre-pandemic, people's eyes have been glued to their gadgets and companies have started to place their footprints to maximize the time audience spent on different social media platforms. It is also an opportunity to showcase and provide your audience every detail of your offerings and even as to how you'd transact with your customers to bring in their orders.


Why is there a need for business cards?

Business cards are essential. They serve as an exchange of important information such as the business address, contact details and most especially, your company name.


Pre-pandemic, I always carry around a hundred-piece of my own business card whenever I was attending events. I made sure to check details ahead of time to get a picture of potential attendees and buffer cards in case.


Then the unexpected came, the world halted, and businesses were obligated to temporarily close. The preliminary solution was no interaction at all where the economy was highly affected especially malls and retail stores that heavily relied on walk-ins and foot traffic. Mass gatherings were also highly discouraged.


This led to networking events being postponed and that's why there are undistributed business cards at home. This is because if you don't meet, you don't share business cards with your customers. Further, digitalization has been growing so much in the past years in order to adapt.


Still, despite the advancements, keep your business cards. The exchange of such information is still a good practice and still a part of how you'll make a successful first impression to your next business dealings.


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