6 tips to improve conversion rate for your online store

6 tips to improve conversion rate for your online store


Mohammad Adnan

Mohammad Adnan

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Imagine you have an online store selling women’s ethnic clothing. You invest time in creating banners and special offers for your beautiful merchandise. Visitors pour in and look at your product range. But that’s pretty much what they do—they window shop, without making any purchase.


Do you know what is CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)?

This is where the concept of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) comes in. CRO is a process of continuously optimising specific pages (landing and product pages mainly) to lead to higher conversions on your website. It determines whether people coming to your store are driving revenue or are they simply window shopping? Does the money on marketing spends or hiring personnel for your store, add up to revenue?


CRO is a process of continuously optimising specific pages (landing and product pages mainly) to lead to higher conversions on your website. It determines whether people coming to your store are driving revenue. 


As per the latest studies of 2020, the average conversion rate of eCommerce websites is %. Clearly, there is scope for improvement across the board.


How to improve the conversion rate for your eStore?

1. Find worthy customers

Your goal is to attract customers that are invested in your product. Their beliefs, lifestyle and habits should resonate with your company. If you sell ethnic wear, make sure you are part of forums for traditional handlooms, weaves, artisans, etc. The idea is to build a customer base that is most likely to become your loyal repeat customers and also refer others to your store.


2. Demographics

Once you have data on your primary demographics, it is crucial to create some customer personas based on their habits and behaviours. Who is your ideal customer? Where does she live? Where does she work? What type of clothes does she prefer to wear for work and leisure? When you answer these questions, you can start creating a customer journey. This helps in brand awareness, engagement and identifying ideal repeat customer personas.


3. Product display, details, and reviews

Display products from multiple angles. Use good imagery. Be clear about product details. Create a product benefits section. Make sure you include customer reviews.


4.  Leverage your USP

Study your competition and identify your competitive edge. It could be your range of handwoven saris or stitching by underprivileged women. Display this Unique Selling Proposition (USP) so that your customers appreciate it and are proud to be associated with your brand.


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5. Conversion funnel

The Conversion funnel is a route that customers take from entering your store to the final purchase. eCommerce visitors start with a multitude of choices, but with guidance, they end up at a single point. The idea is to pull your customers through the buying process by perceiving their experience at each stage and what is required to move to the next. For instance, if a customer is in the shopping cart stage and they go to checkout, but the process is complicated, you will notice several abandoned carts. In this case, adding a simple checkout process, could be the modification your conversion funnel requires.


 6. Invest in analytics and research

Analytics tools like Google Analytics give you a wealth of data for your eCommerce store. You can see information about your customers' spending habits, their preferred price ranges, which product they browsed the most, which products they buy the most and more. Analytic reports thus, allow you to analyse purchase activity on your eStore. This can be a handy tracking guide and a guiding light to make relevant changes to your store to minimise bounce rates.


Bringing visitors to your eCommerce store requires love, labour and some help from available tools. Each page of your online store must be optimised for maximum conversions. If the desires of the customer are met at every turn on your eStore, it is the start of a lasting love story!


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