8 big data trends to invest in 2020 and the years to come

8 big data trends to invest in 2020 and the years to come

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Shefali Basu

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Big data has rapidly developed and is affecting our lives profoundly. It is time to review the history of big data and forecast the trends. In this article, we will be discussing big data trends to unfold in 2020 and the years to come. Please keep reading to know them all.


Did you ever think of how much data one customer produces in just one second? Well, we create up to 2 MBs of data that are piling up every hour.


And this is for just one person. Now you can imagine how much data everyone is creating hourly. This is more than enough to explain why companies need to analyse it due to which big data is getting all the fame. 


With time, business models are maturing, and so are the requirements of customers. Especially with the impact of big data on mobile app development is becoming more and more effective and unique for the business world.


As the number of data processing devices increases every year, the processing of large data sets is also growing. And as the data processing industry is widely covering every domain across the globe, many significant trends will rule over the world in the years to come. 


If you own a business, you must learn about these trends and discuss them with the top software consulting companies in India before investing in any of these trends. 


Before we move on to them, let us briefly discuss big data and its usefulness.


What is Big Data?

The machines, tools, and customers are creating ample amounts of disparate and dynamic data. However, the data collected in this manner is raw and requires innovations, improvement, and scalability as per the technology


As we know, the data comprises numerous information, whether structured or unstructured, big data contains a plethora of data. The main reason for using big data is that it gives a real insight into the business, which helps users gain profit, manage productivity, perform better, augment shareholder values, risks, and so on.


Not only this, but big data is exceptionally fast and can process the bulk of data in just a few seconds. This is way too fast as compared to the traditional analytics that only works on historical data. 


The information below can help you understand how big data works. It comes under a big umbrella that works on three different Vs.


These three Vs are taken care of by leading mobile app development companies.

  • Volume
  • Velocity
  • Variety


However, with upcoming years and evolution in the Big Data methodologies, one more V was added. Now, you must be wondering. 


What are the 4Vs of big data?

  1. Volume refers to the scale of data being processed.
  2. Variety refers to different forms of data we are dealing with.
  3. Velocity refers to analysing streaming data.
  4. Veracity refers to how accurate the data is.


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Top Big Data trends for 2020-21


1. Data Ops and self-analytics

In the business analytics world, trends are now effectively executed on the business level with present-day self-administration devices. With the use of data ops, a flexible arrangement is currently accessible for information to the executives. All this implies that business can enhance the speed and quality of data processing by utilising mechanised and process-situated innovations.


As we know, data ops and self-analytics are one of the significant big data trends of 2020; they also help in utilising information dispersed all through the organisation. Data Ops can be used to robotise whatever number phases of the information stream as would be prudent, including:


Advancements include continuous data integration, change data capture (CDC), and processing data pipeline structures from its establishment. Data Ops is also operational information, the executives, and self-administration analytics of the business set up a smooth procedure over the whole data esteem chain.

2. IoT and big data: Future is synced

It isn't easy to stay aware of all the business scenarios and innovations, but IoT (Internet of things) and digital devices are required to get a footing in big data trends 2020. The role of IoT is seen in major sectors like healthcare, and similarly, the technology combining with Big Data is pushing organisations to gain better results. 


According to the latest web development stats, 42 per cent of the associations that have IoT solutions underway or IoT production in progress intend to use the digitised portables within the coming years.


Big data analytics trends are rising as essential aspects for breaking down IoT-based information gathered from connected devices that result in improving dynamics. The task for big data in IoT is to consistently collect and process all the data and put it away to utilise variable storage technologies.

3. Actionable data will be as quick as a flash

Another significant innovation to be identified as big data trends in 2020 is 'actionable data' for faster processing of data. This data denotes all the missing connections between prepositions and big data. 


We must also not forget that big data in itself is not of any use without examination since it is excessively mind-boggling, multi-organised, and voluminous. Due to the data stream handling, information can be broken down instantly, within a little time just as only one millisecond. This adds more value to associations that can settle on business choices and initiate processes more quickly when data is decluttered.


Businesses can make the data exact, normalised, and significant by preparing information with the assistance of logical stages. 


But how do these experiences help organisations? 


These experiences assist organisations with setting on progressively appropriate business decisions, plan all the more enormous information use cases, and improve their applications. 


4. Machine learning will remain in the spotlight

Being a profound trend in big data trends 2020, Machine learning is another technology expected to impact our future radically. Machine learning is a quickly growing innovation used to expand regular activities and business processes. 


Machine learning projects received the most investments in 2019, in contrast to all other AI (Artificial intelligence).


Automated machine learning tools help create bits of knowledge that would be hard to extract by different techniques and even by expert analysts. The big data stack gives faster outcomes lifting both general productivity and response time.


5. Metadata system will be smarter than before

Metadata is organised information that contains data about the attributes of other details. This permits enormous measures of data or sensitive information to be caught, blended, restricted, and, most importantly, consequently handled in different data stocks. 


Smart functions and features of AI and ML(Machine learning) utilise data management, coordinated effort in data assignments, and an enhanced work process. And as the process is safeguarded, the data is increasingly available and can likewise be utilised for future undertakings.


Being one of the emerging big data trends, it will lead to automated metadata processing. They will also be progressively outfitted with AI in 2020 to empower versatile, dynamic, and quicker data arrangements.


6. Simulation of quantum computing

Analysing and processing billions of data and extracted information can take a great deal of time with the present techs we are using. Being able to handle the entire data simultaneously can help reduce the time of data management. This will allow firms to settle on convenient choices for accomplishing better outcomes.


The tech giants such as Google and IBM are developing and experimenting with this big data technology stack to implement them into productive business analytics. The tests are carried out on quantum devices with an end goal to help in useful and hypothetical research across various businesses.

7. Growth of natural language processing 

Speech-recognised applications have not progressed quickly in the past few years.


Do you know why these applications faced challenges?


These applications faced challenges because of the insignificant process of voices and speech, giving a thought to these systems' accuracy. 


Thanks to Natural language processing (NLP). It leads to better understanding and processing voice-based data, which will process every speech query required to get a better command over the tasks.  


NLP has made its significant place in the big data trends 2020, leading to better distribution centres and logistics conditions in different circumstances. NLP systems also function admirably for executives and directors who need to get data by utilising voice orders from their cell phones.

8. Cloud management of increased data volumes

Data experts have agreed that increasing data volumes might make companies incorporate significant data trends in 2020 for better business decisions. However, the challenge is the rising need for storage and management, which is why companies are moving towards cloud computing.


We all know that cloud-based platforms are well-suited for handling billions of data in just a second. And as most portable devices are now running on cloud-based platforms, the opting cloud is not a choice but a necessity for big data operators.


Final word

Being challenging and fascinating at the same time, the future of big data promises to change the way businesses operate in finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and other healthcare industries. 


With all the above mentioned big data trends, you must have gained a clear vision of what is all coming up in this vast field of data science. As we are more than halfway into 2020, we can expect further developments in big data analytics. 


Big data will continue to grow, and as a business owner, you need to invest in these big data trends and explore its application in your industry. You can also get in touch with the best software consulting company in India. The experts can guide you on which trend will help you gain the profit. Only an expert can come up with an expert solution. Keep trending.


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