Connecting Women Entrepreneurs: Women as partners for growth

Connecting Women Entrepreneurs: Women as partners for growth

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GlobalLinker Staff

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India boasts of 8.05 million women entrepreneurs. The number is large, but it accounts for only 13.6% of total entrepreneurs in the country. The scales maybe unfavourably skewed against women, but there is a silver lining. More and more women want to take up entrepreneurship and fulfil their business dreams. All they need is self-belief and a little support – from family, policy-makers and society at large. A strong network of women entrepreneurs can play an invaluable part in connecting, supporting and encouraging aspiring women business owners.

Jet Airways GlobalLinker has joined hands with FICCI Ladies Organisation to celebrate Women's Entrepreneurship Day (WED) at the Federation House, New Delhi on 16th November 2017. Women's Entrepreneurship Day celebrates, empowers & supports women in business. The theme of the event is ‘Connecting Women Entrepreneurs'.

The event will have four talented & acknowledged women entrepreneurs - Kanika Tekriwal (Founder, JetSetGo); Neha Kirpal (Founder-Director, Indian Art Fair); Priyanka Gill (Founder, POPxo); Richa Kar (Founder, Zivame), in conversation with the Consulting Editor of BTVi, Fatima Mahdi Karan to address subjects including - encouraging increased entrepreneurship by women; the importance for women entrepreneurs in creating national and global brands; and the need for appropriate structures and controls for women owned enterprises to build global scale.

To be a part of this event, click here.

Here are thoughts on women entrepreneurship by women business owners on GlobalLinker. The insights are both thought-provoking & inspiring..

Sharmila Vali, MD, Revyur Speciality Naturals 

“The journey as a woman entrepreneur begins with tiny steps from childhood. Your mother shapes your future and lets you take the flight from the day she realises that it is through you she is living her dreams. She believes in and supports your capabilities & potential.

Then your peer circle in school/college fan the ambition to identify what you can excel in. Your teachers always give you that encouragement to touch the sky...and go for that extra mark in your favourite subject. The competition between your colleagues/trade partners fires up your engine to outdo them. It is always the woman you first compete with. I have looked up to Chanda Kochhar, Naina Lal Kidwai from college days who have achieved a glorious career even when woman entrepreneurship was still unknown.

I believe that to become an entrepreneur you need not be cut throat but sensitive and thankful to people who have contributed the very spirit therein. Celebrate the unsung women in your lives. All the way it’s the women who are central to your growth and a mirror to reflect...If they can why not you!”


Priya Florence Shah, CEO & Founder, Blog Brandz

“I started connecting with other entrepreneurs (and not just women) first on a business network. It was an enjoyable experience and I learned a lot from it. It helped me understand what other entrepreneurs were looking for and that helped me figure out what I had to offer them. I was also inspired by some of the stories of women entrepreneurs excelling against all odds. I found a business mentor (Rita Kale) who helped me write a business plan and understand financial aspects of running a business. 

I have attended several workshops, conferences and networking sessions for women entrepreneurs that have taught me a lot. I understood that many entrepreneurs were looking for someone to help them with digital marketing and I tailored my services to benefit them.” 


Rachita Mittal, Founder,  InsideVerve  

“Although I lack statistics as I say this, but I truly believe women entrepreneurs are a lot more ethical and sincere when compared to their male counterparts. They are not in 'it' for short term monetary gain, they have the ability to place themselves in your shoes and hence they truly deliver. 


Women entrepreneurs inspire because their journeys are harder. When a male helps at home, the whole society looks up to him but when a woman steps out to work, it is looked at as a necessity. If working can be 'her' choice, to help at home should be 'his' choice. The modern woman juggles many roles. She is remarkable at each one of them. Whenever I pass by villages, I often see women carrying kids in their arms and working in fields. Today's woman truly earns her bread. She is truly Shakti. With this shared understanding, I believe that women can play a vital role in connecting with & supporting one another in their entrepreneurial journey.”


Geeta Handa, MD, Nurture Organics Pvt. Ltd.

“My entrepreneurial journey has been a roller coaster ride. I work in an industry that is totally governed by men. Connecting with other women entrepreneurs has changed things for the better for me. It has given me more confidence and enthusiasm to do what I am doing and enabled me to accelerate my progress. It is interesting to understand how women entrepreneurs can inspire you in doing your job brilliantly. Each one has had their share of ups and downs and still they excel in what they are doing. I draw tremendous motivation from women entrepreneurs.”

Jagriti ChoudharyCo-Founder, SkinYoga

“In my family we are four women and two men, and everyone is a feminist. This came through at a very young age when we saw that our mother was treated the same way and was given equal responsibility, authority and autonomy by my father in their business. The atmosphere in my house strengthened my belief in myself and gave me a space in my head to create something bigger in my life. Having worked in Skinyoga with my sisters and 50 other women, I can assure you that there is no better joy then in collaborating with strong women!”


Selvi Cherian, Co-Founder, Business Sherpa

“There are a lot of external circumstances that cause women entrepreneurs not to continue in their chosen field. I think women have to fight to continue. You have to lead yourself. Because I fought all the way, my sister gets to do what she wants. Sometimes you will have examples, sometimes you will be the example, but you have to earn that respect. The world over, women have to fight to be in positions of leadership. It helps to surround yourself with people who will encourage you, whether they are men or women. 


I believe it is wonderful to have a community of women entrepreneurs that provides genuine support. A forum that is encouraging, that addresses future dreams, that is playful, a place where there is no insecurity. What we can bring forth as women leaders is compassion. There is a power in compassion, love, fun, energy — that will change people’s lives. My dream is to create a place where people grow, learn, have fun and can be vulnerable. I think the minute you are willing to be vulnerable, trust someone and the other person keeps that trust safe and share — that’s when the magic happens. Women are naturally loving. I think we are made to encourage. A team that is run by women can be a lot more compassionate, fun and loving.” 


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