Data Science – A Practitioner’s Perspective

Data Science – A Practitioner’s Perspective

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Lester Fernandes

Lester Fernandes

320 week ago — 4 min read

Given my engineering background, treading the related but entirely different world of Data Science prompted me to write this poem. It serves as a good introduction to the various aspects involved - namely, the intersection of business, statistics and engineering to derive the maximum value from an enterprise database and get actionable insights from the analytics involved. This is the cornerstone of the analytics startup business that my partner and me have started.

The Intriguing World of Data Science 


Intriguing is the world of Data Science,

Pricking every engineer’s rational conscience,

As it will sometimes be a classification prediction for some event occurrence, whether,

At other times, a numerical prediction for how much of whatever,

Relegating the final Data Mining decision to Business Relevance.


Analyse Data for how Close with a Similarity or Matching function,

Or belonging to which Group with Clustering or Segmentation,

Presenting a world of differences and similarities,

Deep Learning into the known realm of probabilities,

Eliminating pure chance only to the imagination.


As you dive to the granular level of Transactions,

It results in Profiling or Behaviour Description Actions,

Co-occurrence Grouping becomes the norm,

Market Basket analysis takes our raw data by storm,

Leading us deeper into the rich world of probabilistic associations.


Along come Network Modelling & Shortest Path Algorithm by Dijkstra,

Link Prediction & Strength Calculation as necessary evils primarily alongside Social Media,

Data Set Reduction coupled with lossless compression,

Causal Modeling with business influencing repercussion,

After careful discrimination across various criteria.


Frameworks like CRISP or SEMMA or lesser known DELTA,

Continuously reduce overfitting with Training, Test and Validation data,

Similarity sought with k-NN, Logistic Regression or SVM models,

The Confusion Matrix gets us in Uncertainty puddles,

Profit Curves & ROC clearly highlighting all related Errata.


Leveraging TFIDF for Text Mining,

Translates to Lift, Leverage, Support & Strength Scoring,

Natural Language Processing keeps our tongues tied,

Sentiment Analysis & Opinion Mining claim this technology is tested and tried,

We can always wait till it becomes a sure thing!


Added to the mix – Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence,

Supervised or Unsupervised classification categories as an experience,

Big Data addressing the Volume, Velocity & Variety dimension,

IoT bringing all connected sensors to a logical conclusion,

Intriguing, insightful and thought-provoking world to be in – Data Science.



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