Get investment firms interested in your startup

Get investment firms interested in your startup


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Starting a business can be expensive.  Fortunately, there are now several ways to gather funds for your business that don’t involve going broke.  Be it through a personal loan, bank loan, or by approaching a venture capital or crowdsourcing firm, there are modern and effective ways to get others to invest in your business.

But the popularity of startups has made it harder for the average entrepreneur to stand out and establishing your business as worthy of attention has become a challenge in itself.

Fortunately, there are a few tips that can get investment firms interested in you and your startup.  Whether you have just an idea or a full-fledged product sample, here’s how to get people invested in it:

1. Fix a problem that others ignore
Not only does this make your business idea immediately relevant (and therefore attractive to customers), it also means you’ve already figured out where the world is going and have made a plan to get there first.  Address a specific problem, and bank on your own expertise to solve it. This way, you’ll also avoid the chance of someone else developing something similar before you’ve even begun.

2. Focus on the big picture during your pitch
Have a thorough understanding of the industry as well as your product.  It’s not enough to be proud of what you offer; you should also have a clear idea of how to create the business, and should have done your research on competitors, market and legal environment, and even the metrics you need to progress.

3. Create products that are future-oriented
Your business model should be aimed towards the audience you’ll gather in the long run.  That means you should take into account their concerns and should have a plan of improving the future for them.  For example, data should be seen as competitive advantage, especially as the whole world is looking to embrace it as the new normal.  Be in the know of trends and innovations like these, so you can incorporate them to your strategies and plans.

4. Reach out to firms that are physically close to where you are
If it’s appealing to you because you can easily reach the firm, it will be just as appealing to them to have you close by.

5. Have a balanced team of founders
Succeeding in a startup is extraordinary, so it takes extraordinary leaders to take the business where it needs to go.  More than anything, this is the most important tip. It doesn’t have to be about winning awards or graduating summa cum laude; it’s more of letting the firm know that you are competent, proven leader and a success story.

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