Have you tried ‘researching’ in marketing?

Have you tried ‘researching’ in marketing?


Pooja Yadav

Pooja Yadav

346 week ago — 5 min read

Please don’t wonder at the word “researching”. It is not a strange concept at all when it comes to knowing which part of the demographics is the sweetest spot of your business.  We will tell you the hidden trick to get success in an online business. When you visit a website, the webpage has codes (more than 95% of the times), to track your browsing habits. 

Google has cookies. Other social network sites are feeding the hunger of tracking companies. They track you and also know who you are. 

The shocking fact is that your personal data is a way to pay for services and products these days.  
How about using this tracking idea as a springboard for trying this concept – researching your audience?

In the media-saturated world and in the age of instant gratification, customers desire more tailored individual experiences by the brands. 
The better you know your audience, the better you can serve them. The better you serve them, the better things they are going to say about your brand.


Here’s an exciting spinoff of researching your customers:

  1. You learn closely who your audience is. Researching brings you nearer to your core audience. 
  2. How does your audience communicate? Your business needs to know the way of connecting with the audience. Having a close watch on them is surely going to affect the tone and tenor of the audience so that you can adapt it for your brand. 
  3. Know what your audience shares.  Knowing what they really like and get tempted to share can be learnt by keeping an eye on them.
  4. The key to finding what your audience has in common with you is through researching their profiles.  
  5. Know what your audience values and roll it out. Something that is valued by audience needs to be taken special care of. 


Want to know the next steps of researching?

Marketing can be refined a ton times better as a result of this technique.  


1. You get the target’s info

You get the required data of only the required audience sans the junk. And you know that is the most fertile (among the crass customer-list which is nothing better than a trash) to sow the seeds of further fruitful interaction with them.


2.You can build a customised Ad/outreach.

The Ad has everything that will totally awe the audience.

3. Your Ad goes exactly where the target is.

This is good because your your Ad is designed for that particular audience that you think will need your business and is most likely to take an action.

4. The target can go to the landing page

The target gets where you wanted him to land up and see your products or services finally.

The nail is hit right on its head.

5. You can cookie their devices.

You can send out the cookies after having curated a list of the target’s action in the history.

6. Roll out the retargeting-based Ads.

This is another gem of marketing online. You can re-target the prospects whenever, wherever and whoever showed even an iota of interest in your business’ services /products.

Still not convinced that this is worth doing?

If you are against researching, are you also against personalisation? Hardly your answers to this question will be in affirmative.  Brand-campaigns infused with elements of personalization bring an endearing flavour towards its audience. One smashing example that will surely stamp your doubt out:

#ShareACoke campaign had used personalisation to big success; it made customers to share a “virtual” coke bottle online or even made them order a personalised bottle of their own.


Bottom line:

Let them call it what they will, we call it smart marketing. Try it now. You will be amazed at what you discover!


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