How can customer surveys improve your business?

How can customer surveys improve your business?

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When businesses are looking to increase revenue and overall customer satisfaction, customer surveys can provide a goldmine of information. Surveys allow businesses to interact directly with their market. Tapping into the minds of customers through surveys can reveal customer pain points, preferences and help achieve business goals.


Let’s explore how customer surveys can be an invaluable tool for your business growth.

1. Understand your customer

Surveys are a cost-effective solution and help in understanding more about your customers. Knowing your audience is imperative to succeed in the market. You need to know who your customers are and what they like. Survey data allows you to gather insights about specific groups of customers, such as people in a certain age group or who live in a particular geographic area. If you don’t know who your ideal customer is just yet, surveys can help you with that too.


Therefore, the most obvious reason for launching a survey in business is to gather market insights — find out what your market prefers and what are their needs. To get details of your customer demographic, include questions related to their lifestyles, their needs, challenges etc.


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2. Customise your product

The data gathered from customer surveys can be analysed for making strategic business decisions such as product viability, product development, building partnerships and gaining support from key stakeholders.


What better way to find out what customers think about your product than asking them directly? To make data-driven decisions means that you are being objective, listening to your customers and creating solutions that cater to their needs.


3. Measure customer satisfaction

Using surveys to ask for customer feedback can highlight any negative experience they may have had. It is also a good way to show your customers that you are committed to continual improvement.


You may come across new insights such as technical faults, unclear messaging or unsatisfactory support from staff. These insights stop you from second-guessing what may be obstructing your conversion rate and take you to the stage where you can do something about it.


Of course, you may also come across extremely positive feedback, which validates your business idea and processes. You could collate the positive responses you receive and feature it on your website. This acts as valuable endorsements. E.g., “9 out of 10 customers are happy with our service”.


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4. Recognise trends early

The digital world evolves fast. Will the latest fad be a passing trend, or here to stay? Surveys allow your team to test their ideas while also finding early insights about where your industry is heading.


5. Build customer loyalty

With so much competition around, your business needs to constantly delight customers and make them feel valued. Customers enjoy interacting with brands that they feel akin to. So, when making major business changes, surveys are a good way to involve your customers in the process.


For instance, if you are thinking of changing your logo, send out a survey where customers can vote for the option they like best. You will thereby make your customers feel even more invested in your brand.


Customer surveys can clearly be an important tool in your business arsenal if leveraged smartly. Share with us your experience of conducting customer surveys.


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