How to make the perfect pitch presentation

How to make the perfect pitch presentation

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Harish Saini

Harish Saini

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There are a number of startups looking desperately for investment & the very first thing they need before making a pitch to a VC or investor is a Pitch Presentation.

What is a Pitch Presentation?

A pitch presentation is a specially designed presentation usually in PPT format but may be in flash or video format, depending on the idea of the startup to be presented to investor/s. The aim of this presentation is to explain the potential of the idea or company & why it is ideal for investment.

It is recommended to have up to 20 slides in your presentation to be presented in 20 minutes which drives the formula of one slide per minute. It may vary from idea to idea but let’s say it’s a generalised rule.

Your presentation slides must be designed by understanding the platform where this presentation is going to be made. Different treatment is required depending upon the platform i.e in a hall with a number of people or in a meeting room on a projector or to be given in a mail to a VC. But in any form, it is always recommended to have more images, graphs, bars & infographics for easy understanding and less text or bullets.

What should be the flow of a Pitch Presentation?

Storytelling is a well-known art of presentation. It is considered best for understanding, co-relating & memorising. However, it is not possible for many ideas to have a story around it but still following the natural path is always a safer way. Maintain the presentation flow starting from “what is the problem”, “how you are solving it”, “how you are going to do it”, “why you or your idea is ideal for investment” etc.


What should be the content of a Pitch Presentation?

This is a very crucial question and this is where most startups make a major mistake. They stuff their slides with either a whole lot of data or put too much information. You have to understand that you are supposed to show your “business idea” for which you are seeking investment, it is not a technical or financial meeting. It is counter-productive if your idea gets lost in a barrage of data, information and text. Most renowned investment firms want to see at the most 15-20 slides.


Below is the content most VCs want to see in a Pitch Presentation 

  • Title
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Marketing Plan
  • Market Size
  • Fundraising Team
  • Competition
  • Use of Funds
  • Underlying Magic
  • Business Model
  • Market Validation

Alternatively, you can include the following:

  • Introduction
  • The Hook
  • The Solution
  • The Market
  • The Competition Differentiation
  • Business Model
  • The Team
  • The Request


How should the presentation begin?

You need to start with “very good” slides which should essentially explain to the audience what they are about to see. It should include your company name, a brilliant image/graphic and your elevator pitch/tagline. You may add some additional information (not too much) explaining the idea you are presenting. What are the all important points you need to remember while making  a pitch deck? Try to incorporate answers to the following most important questions:

  • What is it?
  • What’s the pain? (Problem)
  • What else is out there? (Competition)
  • How are you going to make money?
  • Who’s running the show? (Team)
  • What’s your 10-week benchmark?
  • How does your story flow?

Just put these in a logical manner & you will have an impressive pitch presentation.

Do I really need a top-notch Pitch Presentation?

Yes. Your pitch presentation is the first point of interaction with the VC and investors, you must show them your design, content and idea in the best possible manner. After all, this pitch presentation is the one which is actually going to fetch that money to execute your idea well.


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How to make the perfect pitch presentation


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