Importance of staff access control for your online store

Importance of staff access control for your online store


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Over the years, ecommerce has evolved in significant ways. With this growth in eCommerce, online store owners have several responsibilities and often a team of employees, with different roles. With a growing team, streamlining work becomes extremely important.


That is where something like a Staff Access Control can play a critical part. This isn’t about hiding information from your employees, instead it is about ensuring that the right people can perform their roles efficiently. Staff Access Control is granting limited access permissions to your employees for your online store. Based on their roles, you can create numerous user accounts. 


Defining user roles will help you delegate day-to-day work to team members while minimising the risk of human error by limiting permissions to access the store as per areas of responsibility.


Why use Staff Access Control for your online store?

1. It provides levels of security for your business

2. It reduces administration work and simplifies the process

3. It maximises efficiency and increases productivity


We have created a detailed video on Staff Access Control

Setting up a staff access control involves three steps: 

1. Add Roles by defining the access permissions

2. Add User accounts for staff members and assign predefined roles

3. User login to access the seller panel


Once users are added and assigned their roles, your staff can access their accounts by logging in to the below url using their registered email address




e.g. if your store url is

Staff login url would be


Watch the video to get some insights



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