The 27-year business journey of a professional wordsmith

The 27-year business journey of a professional wordsmith

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Enterprise: Professional Text Mistress

Nivedita Nagpal

Professional Services

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Mumbai, Maharashtra


To rise above the information clutter, smart and engaging content plays a vital role. Meet Nivedita Nagpal, a web content specialist whose firm, Professional Text Mistress specialises in providing a wide array of content services. “Anybody can write, but a professional wordsmith chooses the right words,” believes Nivedita. It is with this skill as a writer that she helps businesses and individuals make their mark in the digital space.

Starting as a solopreneur 27 years ago, Nivedita’s team, clients and portfolio have steadily grown over the years. She eloquently shares, “It has been a long, winding and exciting journey, full of successful trails and learning from silly mistakes. We have witnessed history in the making and been a part of the growing tribe of writers, gathering experience on the way.”

The repertoire of content services that Professional Text Mistress provides includes content strategy building; editing and proofing books; translations; brand development scripts; blogging and media articles; tutorials; web content revamping; brochure writing and content for social media. “Writing has such a vast scope that as professionals we have been able to diversify into several genres of writing. It has helped us to adopt and adapt to many styles to suit diverse purposes," says Nivedita.


Making timely delivery of assignments her USP
In her long professional career as a writer, Nivedita has realised the importance of sticking to timelines to establish the benchmark for trust. She takes pride in ensuring timely delivery of assignments. She says, “No matter who needs our expertise, we provide quality content within deadlines for any time zone in the world. In some cases, we have beaten the deadlines too."

Challenges of running an enterprise
Nivedita thrives on meeting the daily challenges of running an enterprise. She shares, “Every day is a challenge and exciting for a wordsmith. It takes hand-holding clients, believing in their stories and ramping up their confidence in doing their business. I believe I am paid for my vision and thought leadership while dealing with domestic and overseas clients."

Leveraging the GlobalLinker advantage
Nivedita believes that GlobalLinker is a powerful platform for connecting, sharing and linking with other business owners. She sees a real advantage in being part of a vibrant and growing community of fellow entrepreneurs. She shares, “GlobalLinker has come as a blessing to share stories of growth with responsibility. It is a platform that enhances one’s professional network. I take pride in being part of this platform and share my story with other inspirational business owners. May our tribe increase. And thank you GlobalLinker for becoming an integral part of my journey and helping me to meet challenges head on."

Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs

With nearly three decades of experience as a professional wordsmith, Nivedita realises that very often perseverance is the biggest source of inspiration. “Keep going, be your own inspiration,” is her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Growth trajectory

“I am no longer a lone wolf…there are others who make Professional Text Mistress a well-oiled company whose trajectory is still developing, reaching new frontiers”, says Nivedita. She adds, “The company hopes to continue writing, learning and increasing our knowledge bank and varied experience with various skills.”

Ask Nivedita what her big business dream is, and she promptly replies, “I am living it."

A seasoned writer and a thorough professional to boot, Nivedita Nagpal is using her skill as a writer to help countless others express their message and that is why she is an SME Inspiration.

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